Amazon Haul!

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This usually goes fast on Prime Day so make sure to add it to your wishlist early so you can find it in a flash! I love this gadget. It makes it easy to control the temperature in your home by allowing you to schedual your temperature modifications. That way we can keep temp low during the day when we are not home and schedual it to heat up so its warm by the time we get home from work! I also love that I can control it from my phone as well.

This little gadget is cool because if your like me and hate answering the door in fear it's someone selling something, this allows you to view who is at your door through a tiny camera before you answer. It also is an extra security precaution incase someone tries to steal out packages!

Love outlr air fryer, especially during the summer months. It allows us to cook a lot of easy meals without turning on the oven and overheating the house!

If you have kids, I recommend one of these. It has helped keep JR entertained more times than I can count. We even thinking of getting the smaller one for JR's room app we can play soft music for him while he sleeps.

With JR, two dogs, and all wood floors, it makes it hard to keep up with all the dog hair and food crumbs littered all over the floor. This baby makes keeping my house clean easy. It's a little pricey but 100% worth it!

Prime Day is the best time of year to snag good deals on any tablets or Kindles. I loved to read in my down time and I'm all about the ease of the Kindle. I snagged this one last year!

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