Monday, July 15, 2019

Cleveland Street Style!

When I graduated from fashion school, I always pictured myself living in New York and working for some big fashion publication. Then reality set in when my now husband, found a job and decided to set some roots here in the CLE. I soon found myself in suburbia working a retail job that I loved but just didn’t satisfy my creative juices. This is when I decided to start my blog. Since then I have seen and experienced this once drab city turn into something extraordinary, especially when it came to fashion! In many ways I miss what could have been in NYC, but I’m excited for all the great things happening in my city right now. It’s just the beginning for this great Cleveland powerhouse and I’m excited I’m along for the ride!
Thursday, July 11, 2019

Tips for Amazing Wedding Guest Style!

Summertime a wonderful time of year where the weather is beautiful and love is in the air. It makes the perfect setting for the number of weddings we will all be invited to this season. For some, your lucky enough to have two maybe three to attend. For others, like my sister and her boyfriend, both were in a sorority/ fraternity, you may find yourself invited to ten!!! With so many wedding invites in various settings it was inevitable for the “what do I wear?” text to pour into my inbox. My sister and boyfriend are four weddings down and I've been asked about various styling tips ranging from the basic, “what dress do I wear”  to the craziest, “what do I wear to an outdoor wedding if it's raining?” With my sisters stylist questions as inspiration I thought it would be fun to share some of my sage styling advice with all of you on today's blog! Wedding season is always stressful, so let me help you out with some easy styling tips to remember while you get ready to celebrate love with some of your closest friends and family!
Monday, July 1, 2019

Cocktail Time!

It’s summer, Styled by Stacy fans, and my all time favorite warm weather activity is, Patio Drinking! Most of the time you catch me enjoying a nice glass of #roseallday, but on occasion when I’m feelin’ fancy I will treat myself to a delicious summer time cocktail!! So in the spirit of patio drinking and delicious cocktails I thought it would be fun to feature some Super Simple Summertime Cocktails (say that 10 times fast) on the blog today! I have enlisted a little help from my friends and a great patio backdrop to bring you two amazing cocktail ideas. They are so simple they are literally two ingredients.