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When becoming a new mom there are many things you find yourself sacrificing, good style should not be one of them. When I was pregnant I fell in love with everything maternity. Now that I’m a mom there are even more goodies to keep me looking like a hot mama while also keeping my look functional for my #momlife.
The first item I want to talk about is the teething jewelry for mom. If you follow my blog you know I love a good accessory and I've found with a new baby I can't wear my big statement necklaces. My little wiggle monster is constantly rubbing or snuggling his head into my chest. Although an outfit just isn't complete without a good piece of jewelry to liven it up! I'm obsessing over the teething jewelry! The jewelry is soft and safe for baby to chew on and it won't break if they tug or pull. I got two pieces at my baby shower and I'm so grateful to have them especially now that JR is putting everything in his mouth. My greatest find when it comes to teet…
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On today's blog I’m going to take a minute to switch gears from fashion to talk about something that is a little taboo but, I've found over the past couple of weeks has become quite the conversation starter. I'm talking about consuming or encapsulating your placenta post baby and the added benefits it brings to your postpartum recovery.

It all started two weeks ago when one of my good blogger friends Samantha (@samantha_show) started a discussion on her insta-story about encapsulated or consuming your placenta and what did it all entail? She asked her followers if they had any experience with this holistic remedy and I had to share because I made the decision to encapsulate my placenta to help with my postpartum recovery. Fast forward to the weekend at a blogger brunch and I found the topic came up again out of the blue and there I was sharing my story over mimosas and quiche. Since there has been so much discussion on this topic I thought I'd  take a postpartum break o…

Local Adventures!

Since emerging from my maternity leave two months ago I have begun to get back to my blogger life. I was posting here and there, but took a little hiatus while pregnant. Now my little man is here and I'm finding more time for mommy. I've been going to a lot of local blogger events and interacting with so many small business. The only problem as a new mom I'm trying overcome the obstacle of actually sitting down and writing blogs. I have trouble finding the time  to let you know all about these amazing small businesses I have been seeing. Therefore in today’s blog I wanted to take the time and recap some of the people and small businesses I have encountered on all the blogger events over the past couple of months.

SisKiss: A local accessory business, ran by two sister Megan and Marla. I was fortunate enough to meet Megan at one of my blogger brunches and she is so much fun and has a great sense of style that is transparent in some of the amazing accessory pieces SisKiss has…

Accessorizing Summer!

I’m a sucker for an amazing accessory. For those of you who follow my blog you know my style is a little more basic but where I shine is in the accessory department. What I love about accessories are they are an inexpensive way to update your look or try a new trend without breaking the bank. I’ve always been inspired by Rachel Zoe’s massive collection of accessories from vintage pieces to high and low end bobbles, after seeing her I made it my mission to start a collection of my own. I love finding new and unique accessories to add to my collection and I’ve found a few amazing additions to brighten up my summer look this season that I just had to share!

Click on the image to shop all my accessory favorites!

Transitional Fashion

Let’s talk about the most frustrating thing about living in Cleveland, the weather! You can literally experience every season in the span of one week. For a fashion blogger this makes it really hard to share spring trends. While fellow bloggers in warmer climates are sharing shorts and tank tops I’m over hear still sporting my sweater and jeans. You learn to adapt real quick in cold weather climates and you become an expert at transitioning your spring looks into winter looks and vice versa. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite looks for spring and how you can still spring forward while still keeping warm if your like me and live in a city that just can’t make up its mind when it comes to weather.  
Jackets, cardis, and booties will become your best friends. These pieces make it easy to transform a flirty floral top for spring into a cozy collection of blossoms for colder weather. Below I've shared some great looks to help you transform a cool winter look into a warm spring…

Olive Me!

Two weeks ago I shared a “Beauty Break” featuring a new product from a local maker, Olive Me. What makes me so passionate about this brand is not only is it a locally made good, but it’s owner and creator is my very good friend Nikki Ferritto. When she launched her skincare line in May 2017 I was so excited I had to get the word out about her amazing product. I was able to share her amazing product with some of my blogger friends this past summer. Now I have finally found the opportunity to sit down with Nikki to hear her story to share with all of you. For those of you who follow my blog you know I love anything local and I love sharing it with you my readers, so if you’re in the market for some skincare to freshen up your natural glow here is all you need to know about this amazing local brand, Olive Me!

Styled by Stacy: What inspired you to make a skincare line? Nikki, Olive Me: Honestly, I never washed my face growing up. Whenever I would use a cleanser my rosacea on my cheeks would…

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