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Accessorizing Summer!

I’m a sucker for an amazing accessory. For those of you who follow my blog you know my style is a little more basic but where I shine is in the accessory department. What I love about accessories are they are an inexpensive way to update your look or try a new trend without breaking the bank. I’ve always been inspired by Rachel Zoe’s massive collection of accessories from vintage pieces to high and low end bobbles, after seeing her I made it my mission to start a collection of my own. I love finding new and unique accessories to add to my collection and I’ve found a few amazing additions to brighten up my summer look this season that I just had to share!

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Transitional Fashion

Let’s talk about the most frustrating thing about living in Cleveland, the weather! You can literally experience every season in the span of one week. For a fashion blogger this makes it really hard to share spring trends. While fellow bloggers in warmer climates are sharing shorts and tank tops I’m over hear still sporting my sweater and jeans. You learn to adapt real quick in cold weather climates and you become an expert at transitioning your spring looks into winter looks and vice versa. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite looks for spring and how you can still spring forward while still keeping warm if your like me and live in a city that just can’t make up its mind when it comes to weather.  
Jackets, cardis, and booties will become your best friends. These pieces make it easy to transform a flirty floral top for spring into a cozy collection of blossoms for colder weather. Below I've shared some great looks to help you transform a cool winter look into a warm spring…

Olive Me!

Two weeks ago I shared a “Beauty Break” featuring a new product from a local maker, Olive Me. What makes me so passionate about this brand is not only is it a locally made good, but it’s owner and creator is my very good friend Nikki Ferritto. When she launched her skincare line in May 2017 I was so excited I had to get the word out about her amazing product. I was able to share her amazing product with some of my blogger friends this past summer. Now I have finally found the opportunity to sit down with Nikki to hear her story to share with all of you. For those of you who follow my blog you know I love anything local and I love sharing it with you my readers, so if you’re in the market for some skincare to freshen up your natural glow here is all you need to know about this amazing local brand, Olive Me!

Styled by Stacy: What inspired you to make a skincare line? Nikki, Olive Me: Honestly, I never washed my face growing up. Whenever I would use a cleanser my rosacea on my cheeks would…

Postpartum Shopping List!

As I transition from pregnancy to motherhood I’ve experienced a crash course in everything postpartum and what motherhood has to offer. There are few items on my new mommy must have list that I’ve found helpful during this transition and I wanted to share with all of you. I am by no means an expert but having the knowledge I have now would have been helpful during the first couple weeks of my pregnancy. I owe a special thanks to all my girlfriends and family members that have given me all the helpful hints to make motherhood a little easier.

1. Fisher Price Newborn Rock N' Play Sleeper Now I know there are all kinds of swings, chairs, and bouncers for baby, and I have several at my disposal but, the only one my little guy will even tolerate is the Rock’N Play Sleeper. I received the sleeper as a gift from a girlfriend, who told me before I even made my registry that she bought me this gift because it was the only thing that settled her baby down. It was a must have. Of course she di…

Beauty Break!

On a trip to Mexico about three years ago I suffered from dry, chapped lips due to the hot sun. No matter how much chapstick I put on I just could not get enough moisture to my lips. Thanks to an amazing friend who suggested getting some lip scrub from a local maker, I was finally able to repair and restore moisture into my pout when I got back home. Fast forward three years, the same friend, Nikki Ferritto, Owner/Creator of Olive Me, started her own skin care line and is debuting her very own lip scrub this weekend!! I’m super excited for this product to be added to her line because it's one of my beauty must haves especially for summer. I owe my soft lips to her for introducing me to it and now I get to sample hers! There are tons of scrubs out there for your feet, face, the whole body, but the lip scrub is a must. With harsh winters and hot summers my lips can always use a pick me up. Even after giving birth, I noticed my lips were a little dryer than usual. With the new mama c…

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