Saturday, August 5, 2017

#whatsjaywearing and Amend!

If you follow me on social media you will know that my husband and I are currently expecting our first child. For women out there trying to be a new mama let me give you a warning, fashion gets a little difficult for the first trimester, you're in an in between stage where some of your wardrobe fits and other items are busting at the seams. I’m sure you can only guess at the complication this might cause a fashion blogger such as myself. I can’t really go shopping or try the latest trends because in two weeks it won’t fit due to my ever growing bump. So for my latest blog I’ve decided to hand the mic over to my husband and an awesome local men's skin care line called Amend.

I learned about Amend form one of my old fashion school classmates, she was currently working with them to help jump start their brand and asked if I wanted to feature their product on my blog. As you all know I cannot pass up an opportunity to showcase a local maker and my husband (#whatsjaywearing) made for the perfect model for a men's skin care line. Now I know what all #whatsjaywearing fans are thinking, “make-up for men, lame!” But in today's society social and gender boundaries are being challenged everyday and if a women can use concealer to cover up those unwanted blemishes and undereye circles why can’t a man? What better man to challenge that stigma than my husband? He is the alpha male himself who dresses in his Sponge Bob tee shirts and cargo shorts, who drinks beer, drives a massive truck, played rugby, and was in a fraternity. Now I will admit when I first suggested the feature to Jay it took a lot of persuasion because my oh so humble husband simply replied, he already looked so hot he didn't need makeup to enhance it. All jokes aside I think he was a little intimidated by the idea of a man wearing makeup but, for his wife and a local entrepreneur, he was willing to put the stigma aside and try the concealer stick.

The Amend Concealer Stick is one of the main products which can be used to cover up zits, razor bumps, or under eye circles, it's something founder Ben says, “ guys are starting to take to and be comfortable with using.” I don’t mean to be biased but, my husband has some pretty flawless skin. He doesn’t suffer from acne and he never shaves to close for a razor burn but, he does have those ever present under eye circles from time to time from staying up late playing video games and waking up early for work. He decided to use the stick under his eyes and he was the first to admit he was surprised to see the difference. He didn’t realize how tired he looked without it. As the women who looks at him everyday the concealer made his face look more vibrant and yes I must admit, did enhance his hotness like he so humbly suggested it would.

Final review:  “It’s not something I would use everyday but I could see using it when I need to look good for a wedding or a work function. I was surprised to see the difference but at the same time how it looked like I wasn’t wearing make up. Because you know how some girls wear too much and it looks caked on and gross the concealer didn’t do that it looked natural and really did make me look hotter!” -Jay

If your guy suffers from acne or maybe he needs just a good pick me up to his daily manscaping routine definitely check out Amend and grab your guy this awesome local product. To learn more about Amend check out their website or follow them on social media:
Instagram: @amendusa

The Amend Story:
The company was founded by Ben Milgrom in 2016.  He came up with the idea of a men’s skin care brand because of his own experience with adult acne. Since acne is determined by genetics, not even perfect hygiene would defend breakouts.  He suffered from bad acne starting in high school and went on Accutane before his senior year.  While his acne was never as bad as it was back in high school, he still suffered from breakouts.  After years of frustration he decided to purchase a concealer from Clinique, and after just one use it had the exact intended results and his self-confidence skyrocketed.
It wasn’t until late 2015 – 2 years after his first purchase of makeup –that it dawned on Ben that not only was he wearing product that was designed for women, but that there were not any options for men!  Thus, Amend was born.  We launched our company with a Kickstarter campaign that saw us reach 146% of our goal!  Our website launched in January 2017 and we have been going strong ever since.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Perfect Summer LBD!

“One is never over- or under-dressed with a little black dress.” - Karl Lagerfeld

This is one of my favorite fashion quotes from a Chanel designer. It is the one piece of fashion advice I always keep in mind when it seems I have nothing to wear, especially now with an added bump. I think there are many versions of the LBD perfect for every occasion including the summer time!
I know traditionally when you think of the LBD, you think of something more refined and classic, think Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But like the great Mr. Lagerfeld suggests, the perfect LBD comes in many forms.
A good example of this is my basic swing tank dress that is lightweight, perfect for the summer weather, and it's easy to mix and match with some of your favorite summer accessories making it perfect for any summer occasion.
Today on the blog I wanted to rethink the LBD and make it more accessible for summer. I will show you some amazing LBD’s from my favorite retailers that will leave you looking fabulous while staying cool and comfortable all summer long!

Nordstrom: I'm loving everything embroidered and OTS for summer making this dress a perfect trendy piece to add to my LBD collection. This LBD is perfect for a picnic with friends or a cute date night look!

Francesca's : The ruffle sleeve is my favorite part of this cute LBD. Its a perfect canvas to mix and match accessories and wear to one of the many summer weddings I have this season.

Loft: More embroidery! I'm sorry it is one of my favorite trends so its only fitting I have 2 different styles. This one from the Loft is perfect for casual Friday at the office or a luncheon with some girl friends!

Old Navy: Here is where to find the basic swing I'm wearing above. It's perfect and versatile for all summer long and it even fits my ever growing baby bump perfectly!

Asos: You can't find a more classic look when it comes to this LBD wrap dress. This dress from Asos is the prefect LBD to wear anywhere from a night time party to Sunday brunch. That's why it was a must add to my Summer LBD list.

Asos Maternity: Being a new mama to be I could not resist adding a fun Maternity LBD to my list. I am obsessing over Asos maternity line it's one of my favorite to shop and I had to share this over the shoulder LBD that's perfect for the ever growing baby bump!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fashionable Fruit!

One fun summer trend I’ve been noticing is the immersion of fruit in fashion. I’ve seen everything from lemon and watermelon tees to a fun peach shaped hand bag. Fruit is definitely making a statement this summer. Not only is it good for you but, it also looks good on you!
Even my photographer is inspired by fruit. She saw fun fruity photographs and had to take some shots of her own. Being one of her lovely models of course I agreed to help and her inspiration led me to my own fashionably fruity blog post!

I’ve listed some of my favorite fruity pieces to try this summer to accompany these pretty produce shots by Ashley Shaw. I hope we inspire you to try this colorful and sweet trend this summer for yourself!

Mouthwatering Watermelon!

Francesca's: This watermelon dress is so adorable for summer and perfect to wear to a cook out with friends!

Anthropology : These watermelon wedge earrings are the perfect touch of fruitiness to add to any summer outfit!

H&M: Love this watermelon graphic from one of my favorite retailers! It's the perfect "slice" of fruity goodness!

Perfect Pineapple!

Asos: I love a good backless summer dress and this pineapple one from Asos is everything!

Tory Burch: Pineapples on one of my favorite accessories, shoes!!

Target: This is where I shopped my featured graphic tee and whats even better is the price!

Luscious Lemons!

Nordstroms: Another favorite shoe featuring more juicy fruit!

Forever21: Summer is all about the dresses and I couldn't forget one last fruit worthy frock!

Anthropology: Because I think these earrings are so freaking cute I had to add the lemon wedges too!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pretty Peplum!

Photo's by: Ashley Shaw

Am I the only one obsessing over the peplum? When the peplum silhouette first arrived on the fashion scene I was not a fan. They were shorter and more form fitting through the bust and on my hourglass shape they were not flattering. Recently I’ve noticed more of a relaxed peplum  silhouette, creating more a fun and flowy look  leading me to fully embrace the peplum. My closet is quickly filling up with more pretty peplums and I had to share with you some of my favorites!
When styling my favorite peplum I like to pair it with some skinny denim and wedges for a night out and cute sandals for a day look. However you decide to wear your peplum I hope these five pretty peplums encourage you to try the trend and remember if you need any advice on styling them feel free to comment below!

xo, Anastasia

Francesca's: The peplum I'm wearing above is from last season and I linked this one that's very similar and it has a cute OTS detail that I'm loving right now!

Asos: I love this eyelet peplum and wait till you see the back detail its adorable and the best part is this peplum is on SALE for less than $30!

Gap: There are a ton of basic and inexpensive peplums at both Gap and Old Navy but when I saw this amazing peplum jacket I had to add it to my list!

Nordstrom: They are having their big Half Yearly Sales and this peplum top is one of the hot items on sale I had to have!

Target: Loving this peplum from it OTS style and cute little shoulder ties its one must have peplum from one of my favorite discount retailers!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Arm Party!

You all know how much I love my statement necklaces but the one accessory that I lack in my collection are bracelets. For my 30th Birthday I shared a cute cuff with you I received from my BFF. This piece is unique because it has the Morse Code for the letter “A” stamped inside the inner rim. This was a special touch because my friend and I share the same “A.W.” initials. Also one of her great great relatives developed Morse Code. Since receiving this piece back in March I’ve been on a mission to up my bangle game and I decide to find new and interesting ways to stack this piece. With a little help from my friends at JORD Wood Watches I’ve styled three ways to stack your bracelets to make an arm candy statement!

Every good arm party has one thing in common, the perfect timepiece! When it comes to choosing the perfect watch I like to keep it simple. I want a timepiece that goes with everything and the unique watches from JORD are perfect. Their watches are made from handcrafted wood that is lightweight and versatile. The watch I chose to start my party is the “Frankie 35” made with Zebrawood and has a champagne colored face. The zebra like pattern of the dark and light wood make it perfect to mix and match with any array of bangles and bracelets, which makes it the ideal timepiece for any arm party! Later in my blog I will share with you how you can WIN one of these amazing timepieces so you can start creating your own perfect party!

Arm Party #1: The Midas Touch- If you’re a lover of gold like myself this stack is perfect. I love the studs mixed with the wood of the watch it gives it that edgy feel perfect for pairing with a cute girls night out look!

Arm Party #2: Summer Brights- Adding a little color to my party with these fun colorful bangles. This stack is perfect for a summer party with your favorite summer dress!

Arm Party #3: Golden Glamour: This stack is perfect to wear with your everyday look. I've paired it with my favorite fringe block heels and peek-a-boo shoulder top for a cute #datenight look!

Now that you’ve been inspired to start an arm party of your own now it’s time for the best part, The GIVEAWAY! I have teamed up with Jord Wood Watches so you can start the party off right by entering to win a $100 gift certificate toward ANY watch of your choosing. What’s even better is that ALL participants will receive a $25 gift certificate toward any watch just for entering!

Shop my watch HERE or find one that's perfect for you HERE!

Jord also offers watch customizing which includes unique watch sizing and/or personalized engraving on the watch box. Which is perfect if you are buying a gift for a friend to help them get the party started!

This giveaway will run until 11:59pm on Sunday, May 21, 2017 . Jord will choose the winner and email all participants with the appropriate gift amount. I wish you all the best of luck!

Visit "Shop My Look" Page for all the outfit details!

Photos by: Ashley Shaw

Luxury Wooden Watch

Friday, May 12, 2017

Carpe Denim!

I have expanded my denim horizons for summer by trading in my favorite pair of black distressed skinnies in for white! I am one to usually shy away from the color white. I find with my porcelain skin tone it tends to wash me out. This summer I just could not resist the urge. I’ve been seeing white denim on some of my favorite blogger babes and I had to give the denim a try.
I went with a distressed white denim from one of my favorite retailers, Old Navy. I like the distressing, it gives the denim more dimension and creates a trendier look compared to just straight white denim. I also love how versatile the pants can be. I have so many tops in my wardrobe which match perfectly with white denim. It will make getting dressed in the summer a snap!
Below I’m sharing some of my favorite looks I created with these alabaster beauties in hopes it will inspire you to step into the white and try a pearly pair yourself!

First look is a chambray embroidered tank. If you read my last blog you know I’m loving everything embroidered and this tank pairs perfectly with my new white skinnies and block heels. I even paired it with a gray sweater for those cooler summer nights!

Look number two, this flirty ruffle blouse and my utility jacket. I find when pairing navy with denim it sometimes is a challenge to find the right shade, but with white denim it goes together effortlessly!

Final look, I'm pairing white with my favorite color, black! I love this black printed top. The white denim brings out the design on the top to make a fun date night look for summer!

Photos by Ashley Shaw

Friday, May 5, 2017

Unique Embellishments!

Photos by: Ashley Shaw 

One trend I’ve been seeing everywhere is embroidery. I am falling in love with this unique embellishment. When it comes to trends I like to keep it simple when adding it to my wardrobe. We all know when it comes to trends one minute it's hot the next minute it's not. If you're not totally in love with a trend but want to incorporate it into your wardrobe for the season sport the trend with an accessory like a scarf or handbag, or if your like me, and are totally in love with a trend try a top like my Francesca’s peplum top. This top is great because it's versatile even for a trendier style. I tend to shop for tops I can wear with many of my staple pieces all season long.
However you decide to incorporate this trend to your wardrobe I have selected five of my favorite pieces to get you started with the embroidery trend! For more tips on how to style the embroidery trend feel free comment below and I’ll be glad to help you out!

  • Francesca's: This is the top shown above and I styled it with my green skinny's for a cute daytime look!
  • A'Gaci: If your all about keeping trends simple with a basic accessory, this satchel is perfect!
  • Amazon: I couldn't have a Top 5 with out a cute pair of embroidered shoes, I love these Nine West ones I found on Amazon, and if your a Prime member you get free shipping and two day delivery, can't beat that!
  • Forever 21: This skirt from F21 is perfect for summer! Denim embroidery pieces are easy to mix and match with anything in your closet!
  • Nordstroms: If your looking to splurge on the embroidery trend, this Blank NYC leather jacket is amazing! I need it in my closet!