Monday, June 24, 2019

A Journey Is Easier When Your Not Alone!

When JR was six months I shared a blog about finding acceptance in my postpartum body. I discussed my struggle with not being comfortable in my own skin and how finding the time to workout and get into shape was a journey I was just beginning. Now, ten months later, I wanted to hop on the blog today to talk about the amazing community of Fit4Mom. Fit4Mom has helped me not only to get back in shape and shed a few pounds, but it also has given me the greatest mom tribe I never knew existed. No ad space here, or collab deal. This is me talking about what has really helped me with my postpartum journey. The work outs and fitness programs that Fit4Mom offers are great but, the strength I gained connecting with other mom’s is priceless. The greatest piece of mommy advice I got from my best friend and mom of two was to find a mom group. She let me know there is strength in motherhood and a bond that brings every woman together. I didn’t realize that was the important piece I was missing in my journey until I joined Fit4Mom.
When I joined Fit4Mom four months ago it was to get my butt back in shape and get moving again, they make it easy with their Stroller Stride class. It's a one hour total body workout with my main man right beside me cheering me on. Okay real life, he is focused on the fun music, other kids, and the handful of yogurt drops I keep refilling his stroller tray with. But it's still good to have him there while I work out and it helps with my “mommy guilt.” About a month or two with Fit4Mom the owner, Michaela added a new program called Body Back. This was an 8 week intense workout program just for mom, with meal prep help, recipes, an accountability coach (Michaela), and most importantly, a support group of other moms in the class. It’s after I made the decision to take the eight week challenge and met my fellow body backers, that I realized this program and Fit4Mom where not only here to help with my physical postpartum journey but my personal one as well.

Each mama I interacted with during the body back program help in my growth as a mother and as a person. I think it’s important to share my learnings as a new mom in hopes it will help a fellow mama who might feel alone or overwhelmed in her own postpartum journey.

Rachel’s Dedication
On the second day of my eight week program I met fellow “Body Baker” Rachel. She is a mom of four, with a youngest who was only a couple months old. It turns out Rachel’s babysitter for the morning fell through and she showed up with all of them. Seeing Rachel show up to class, no excuses made me realize that maybe a lot of times I do use JR as an excuse when it’s time to work out or do things I don’t really want to do. I realized he shouldn’t be my excuse but my motivation. As a mom I can’t make excuses when going after the things I want because I wouldn’t want JR to do that in life. I want him to reach his fullest potential and be great! Rachel taught me the importance of dedication in life and in my physical fitness. If she can work out with four kids running around a gym I can too. I’ve done more at home workouts since my Body Back transformation, mostly while JR naps, but on occasion he is up and right there with me watching.

Julie’s Juggling Act
Between work, my blog, and taking care of the Jay’s I go a lot of days feeling burned out. I’m more of a spontaneous spirit and I hate having so much structure in my life. With my blog and job I keep a pretty basic schedule. I find time to fit everything in but with the Body Back program I had to add in meal prep and planning.  One night I found myself crying, overwhelmed with planning blog content and meals. I know what your thinking #firstworldproblems. Having to plan and schedule these things, I was finding it hard to juggle it all. Then I met fellow “Body Backer” Julie. She is a mom of two, works, goes to school, and still finds time for all the meal prep and planning for BB. When I learned of all the things she was juggling, I realized I wasn’t alone. We wear many hats as mamas and sometimes the hat doesn’t fit just right, but we need to add a scarf for flare and rock that hat the best way we can!

Michaela’s Strength
Motherhood, starting a new business, working crazy hours, is tough but imagine a piece of your support system being miles away. I would go insane if I didn’t have Big Jay on call 24/7. I’m talking about owner of Fit4Mom Willoughby/Mentor and Body Back coach Michaela. Here is a bad a** boss babe forging her own path while raising two kids while her husband is away for work most of the time. Her youngest is about to be one now but when I met Michaela she was a few months old. I can’t even imagine the struggle, sleep deprivation, and strength it takes to be her. And she will be the first to tell you it isn’t always easy but she is powering through to make all her dreams a reality. Michaela has not only showed me the way to be physically strong but mentally strong as well. If I want something I need to go after it and give it my all whether that's dropping my baby weight, expanding my blog, or being an equally bad a** mama myself!

When I joined Fit4Mom and decided to take the 8 week body back challenge I just wanted to lose 10lbs. I may have lost the weight but I gained so much more from all the mama’s in this little community. I’m excited to be a part of Fit4Mom and dropping the pant size was a perk, but to all my mamas out there on your postpartum journey find your tribe. It will make all the difference because a journey is way easier when you have someone to talk to!

PS: You know I couldn't sign off with out showing you the before and after pics! It's so amazing to see the difference and I'm so excited and motivated to drop the last 10lbs!

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  1. You are beautiful inside & out! I am so happy to have you in my life!