Friday, July 17, 2020

DIY Tie Dye!

One of summer’s hottest trends is tie dye! I have seen this psychedelic print everywhere and I’m obsessed. The tie dye trend is unique because you don’t have to buy what’s in store, you can make a creation all your own. This trend was my inspiration for a fun DIY activity to do with JR while being stuck at home due to COVID and trying to keep him distracted and quiet while Ava was sleeping during the day. I will admit tie dying with a two year old isn’t the cleanest activity, but he had fun squirting the blue dye all over his creation. In today’s blog I wanted to share some of the fun and struggles I faced with this fun DIY project. I hope it inspires you to be creative, get messy, and just have fun with your little one for the sake of fashion! 

First things first, supplies! You want to get some white pieces to tie dye. I kept it simple and went with basic tees, but I want to go back and maybe to a sweatshirt for those cool summer nights. I found tee’s for JR and I on sale at Old Navy, obviously. In the boxes of hand me downs I received from friends I was able to snag a onesie for Ava! You also want to get a tie dye kit. I found some on Amazon, but they sell out fast. It seems everyone has the same DIY idea. Some items I regretted not getting, kids size apron and craft gloves or rubber gloves for JR, because the ones that come in the kit are adult size only. I linked some great kids craft glove options in this blog so you are able to be more prepared than me.

Second, you want to set up your tie dying space ahead of time. To ensure you have everything ready to go before you allow a toddler to run free. I suggest doing this activity outside, and a nice summer day is perfect for that. Lay down a tarp if you have one or you can cut open some trash bags like I did for an easy alternative. Have your dyes already mixed and tees already tied up and ready for dying. A rookie mistake I made with my set-up, I forgot to wet the tee’s before we started dying. This helps the dye absorb a lot quicker and it is less messy. 

The big question when prepping is how to tie up the tee to achieve that perfect tie dye affect. I actually found the perfect video on Pintrest and I linked it below to help you. For JR’s I used option 2 (non-bleach option), for Ava’s I used option 6, and for myself I got creative with rocks from our garden and did option 3.

When you're all finished, you wrap your creations in plastic wrap and let sit for 24hrs before you wash them and your creations are complete. 

This was such a fun activity and I love anything that allows JR to be creative. Being stuck at home due to Covid can be kind of monotonous, but incorporating fun activities like this one makes it a little more bearable, at least for a 2 yr old. Have fun getting creative with your littles and creating some great fashion pieces for the summer!

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