Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Summer Accessories to Hold On To for Next Year!

Accessories are a fun and inexpensive way to elevate your look and try out a new trend for the current season without breaking the bank. This summer I fully embraced easy accessories I could add to all my basic summer dresses to create an easy put together look, especially when it was too hot to even think about putting on clothes. There were five must have summer accessories I loved and on today’s blog I’ll be sharing which ones to keep and which ones to toss. (Bonus: there is even one that will help you transition into fall!)


Straw Hats

If you read my Ageless Style post, you know how much I’m loving the straw hat for summer. I’m also happy to report this accessory is going nowhere! It may come in different shapes and sizes but this wardrobe staple is not only fashionable, but it also practical when protecting you from the sun's harsh rays. Which is why a good straw hat is always a great piece to hang onto for next summer!

Straw/ Basket Bag

Every season needs a good bag and the basket bag is perfect for summer. I’ve seen this bag come back every summer season in a variety of interesting silhouettes and colors. This classic one from Amazon is my favorite, and it will continue to carry you into the warm weather months year after year!


This is truly the shoe of the summer. Like many wardrobe staples they try to elevate and enhance this shoe to make it more exciting or trendy season to season, but remember to stick with a classic look and you will never go wrong when you unpack this perfect pair next summer! 


Shell Jewelry

Hate me if you will, but these accessories are 100% a trend piece. What was cool in the 90’s, made a comeback this summer but that comeback was over 10 years in the making so I don’t expect to see these unique pieces coming back next year. That being said, I did love this trend and if you still want to rock it next summer you go girl! Style has no rules, it’s unique, even when accessorizing! 

Take Me Into Fall!

Knotted Headbands

That’s right Gossip Girl Fans, this Blair Waldorf inspired accessory was a hit this summer in fun colors and adorned with pearls, that it decided to stay around for fall! Instead of soft hues, think more jewel toned, velvet, or my personal favorite, leopard! I’m so glad this accessory is sticking around, it makes it easy for us short haired girls to add a little pop to our daily hair styling routine!

I hope my list helps you to continue to stay chic while accessorizing season after season. Feel free to let me know in the comments below if there is a summer accessory your still loving and secretly hoping it sticks around next year! 

Photo Cred: Ashley Shaw

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