Monday, September 16, 2019

How To Dress for NYFW!

Attending NYFW is a dream come true for me. I was so excited to be back in the city I love and experiencing amazing creativity through fashion. Before the trip, I must admit I was a little stressed, not about the travel or getting out of my comfort zone, that I can handle. My stress obviously came from the question that I always ask myself before I do anything, “What do I wear?” I know it may seem a little superficial, but seriously, I’m a FASHION blogger, attending FASHION week. My fashion needs to be on point. Plus the number one question I received from my readers and followers was all about outfit details and how I planned and packed for NYFW. I wanted to have some killer style that was out of my comfort zone. I also didn’t want to lose myself by going too over the top just because it’s fashion week. On today’s blog I’m going to walk you through where I found inspiration, how I utilized my own closet, and the pieces I invested in to create a Fashion Week wardrobe I loved!

Wore this look to my First NYFW Fashion Show. Belt and Shoes are the only new additions, the rest is from my closet!
I wanted to incorporate the cinched waist jacket trend but in a bold way by adding the pops of red and only a sexy lace bralette for underneath.

Another fashion show look. All pieces are from my closet! I wanted to incorporate the "liquid gold" trend into one of my looks and I knew just the skirt to style in my closet!

Creatively, my mind goes a million miles a minute. With my job and my blog, I constantly have vision boards and outfit details dancing in my head and sometimes to get myself focused. I have to seek out inspiration and start a “mood board”. The perfect place to do that is Pintrest (obvi)! To get my Pintrest board started, I first started researching fall trends. The key to dressing for fashion week is to stay in season. You don’t want to show up with all your summer favorites, now is the time to showcase some truly amazing fall inspiration. From there I began to pick and choose the trends I loved and knew I could translate into everyday fashion. Once I had those trends in mind I used them as keywords to help me search for the perfect inspirational pins.
To check out my NYFW Pintrest board click here.

We had three big photoshoots planned for our trip and this was the first one, shot on the Brooklyn Bridge. Had to wake up at 5am for the perfect shot without the crowd. The entire outfit is from my closet except for the amazing duster from my favorite local spot, Fetch and Co.

Photoshoot location #2: Iconic Dumbo, Brooklyn. I wanted something feminine, yet edgy for this perfect city backdrop and I nailed it with the dress I bought from H&M. All other items are mine!

Once I had my thoughts and ideas organized in my mood board I started looking for pieces in my own closet. I have some really great pieces that I have collected throughout the years and it was important to me to show you don’t have to break the bank or go on a huge shopping binge to look great at NYFW. Always take a look in your own closet, it may surprise you! I only ended up purchasing 2 dresses, 2 tops, and a few killer accessories for my NYFW wardrobe, the rest, believe it or not was all mine! I probably spent less than $200 on clothes when prepping for fashion week and that, to me, was something to be proud of! 
(Disclaimer: I have styled looks from a lot of closets and I understand mine may be a little...fuller than yours, but I promise you there is at least one friend or family member with a raid worthy closet, for my family and friends it’s mine, for me its my aunt. I advise you to always start there because NYFW is not cheap and you don’t want to put all your money into your wardrobe.) 

Pressures On! Got invited to a big blogger brunch, hosted by The Sis Kiss and I wanted something fun but brunch appropriate. I went with this low-cut, backless floral dress from Vici. This was my one splurge, but totally worth it!

Photoshoot #3: Cookie Do NYC! I wanted something fin and colorful for this perfect sweet shop backdrop. Found this perfect colorful top on Amazon and I'm loving it just as much as the cookie dough!!

When I started looking for the pieces I did have to buy I started with one of my favorite on trend retailers, H&M! That’s where I found most of my killer accessories and one of my dresses. I also ventured out to many local boutiques, those are the best places to find some one of a kind pieces!  If you are looking for more retail inspo, I do love these other on trend retailers: ASOS, Shein, Forever 21, and let’s not forget the Motherships less pricier retail sister, Nordstrom Rack! Some of my blogger babes I went with also used Rent the Runway, which is another great way to get designer pieces on a budget.

First time trying the mixed pattern look and I think I totally nailed it for the Ann Taylor Event I attended. Just had to purchase the perfect polka dot woven to match this great floral skirt from my closet!

Wore this look all day Sunday. We had various events around Soho and just wanted something cool and comfortable. I also needed to incorporate my fav fall purchase, this snake skin midi! (all pieces from my wardrobe)

Another fashion show look.! You know I'm all about leopard and I could not resist styling my fav dress from Fetch & Co. All pieces from my wardrobe!

I believe you can't go wrong with an LBD. I just threw my favorite one into my bag just in case. I ended up needing it because I had to capture some NY street art and an LBD pairs perfectly with the statement of the wall. 

Once I got all my pieces together it was time to start styling outfits and putting pieces together. When doing this I like to take pictures, it helps keep me organized, especially when packing, don’t want anything left behind. The entire process was 3-4 months in the making and all that prep and planning was worth it. It made it super easy to get ready so I didn’t miss a moment of my first time at NYFW. I hope this blog helps keep you inspired and organized when planning your next big adventure. Thank you for reading and as always if you want to know more, leave me a comment below, I’ll be happy to answer.

Photo cred: Kailey Marie Photography 


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