Friday, July 19, 2019

Ageless Style Part 2!

Sorry to interrupt all the amazing wall art I’ve been sharing, but it is that time again, for my quarterly Ageless Style post! If you remember, back in the spring I got together with a fantastic and diverse group of bloggers to style similar wardrobe staples or seasonal trends in a variety of ways. What makes this series fun, is that we have a representative from every age group to show you how they would style the specific trend or staple we have chosen for the quarter. I share a lot of trend styling for the 20-30 something year old woman and I'm excited to show options for all ages. It's my hope with this series to continue to inspire you with great style no matter your age.
This quarter we decided to let each woman pick her favorite summertime accessories and share how she styled it! My everyday style is pretty basic, but I love to elevate it with some killer accessories. I like that accessories are an inexpensive way to update your look or try a new trend without breaking the bank. This summer, I’m all about the stylish straw hat. I’m usually not a big hat girl, but in the summer I’m all for anything that protects my porcelain skin tone. My go to is the basic straw fedora and I found the perfect one on Amazon! It's a perfect addition to any summer look. I’ve styled it with my bathing suit while splashing around the splash park with my little man. I have also paired it with a cute summer dress and sandals for brunch with my girls. If you are like me, and find yourself skeptical when it comes to hats, just give it try. I swear you won’t be disappointed! 
Have I sold you on adding a hat to your everyday look? If not my Ageless Style beauties have some other summer accessories that you may love. Let me know what your favorite summertime accessory is in the comments below!

20’s Blogger: Taylor of Cin City Chic
Bio: Hello! My name is Taylor and I am the Content Creator for the lifestyle blog CinCityChic. CinCityChic encompasses fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. I am passionate about cultivating creative inspiration to help others boost their confidence. Cincinnati is home and I incorporate upcoming events, local stores, and my personal recommendations within my blog about the amazing 513. As an explorative and fun-loving millennial I am still finding my own path in this world. CinCityChic is my escape and journey that I enjoy sharing with others!  

Styling Notes: 
Summer is here which means bring out the sandals! Why not switch it up with some platform sandals? They’re great for dressing up a look for a summer night outing! I wore these in New York and was able to walk for miles, all while still looking fashionable. I got these pair from Nordstrom Rack last year. Go get you a nice pedicure and rock some platform sandals! Interested in the other details about this outfit? Head over to the blog!

40’s Blogger: Lesa of Prissy Missy Loves
Bio: Hi everyone! I’m Lesa, better known as Prissy Missy, and I am the fatshionista behind Prissy Missy Loves. I cover plus size style, often with a bit of pin up flair, and I promote authenticity and body positivity. My goal is to help women embrace themselves, love their bodies, and not be afraid to try new fashion trends. 

Style Notes:
For me, summer is all about the right accessories. You can wear a simple sundress and give it a casual or dressy look all with the right accessories. One of my favorite parts about any outfit I wear is the bag I carry with it. While I totally love all the cute little straw bags this season, unfortunately that doesn’t work for me for a go to, mainly because I need something that provides lots of storage for snacks, sunscreen, and anything else I or my family needs for our very active lifestyles.
I found this wonderful tote style bag a while back at my favorite consignment shop, and it fits the bill perfectly. It is neutral tones, so it matches everything, and it has lots of pockets and storage so I am ready for any adventure this summer. Also, a neutral bag like this will match perfectly with your favorite summer sandals or hat.
Styling Tips:
While neutral colors seem very plain, you can always dress up your favorite bag with a scarf to add a pop of color. Also, matching colors for your hat and bag gives a nice polished look that is sure to stun wherever you go. 

50’s Blogger: Betsy of Natty Gal
Bio:  Hi there!  I’m Betsy, the Cleveland, Ohio blogger behind Natty Gal.  My blog focuses on cultivating a simple, stylish and satisfying life while covering a variety of fashion, lifestyle and travel topics.  I’m thrilled to be a part of this Ageless Style series because I love seeing women supporting and cheering on other women. Encouraging others to dismiss the clutter in their lives and to focus on what matters most to them, in an effort to create their best life is a passion of mine and one of the driving forces behind Natty Gal!

Styling Notes: Whether protecting you from the sun or keeping your hair from blowing around while driving with the top down, hats have gotten to be one of my favorite summer accessories!  I fell in love with the cheeky word play of this sun hat that I found on Etsy. Natty Gal’s have no time for Shady Bitches, er, Beaches, am I right?  The Spiritual Gangster kimono I’m wearing is my most favorite thing ever received in a FabFitFun box!  I’ve worn it as a cover-up in this photo, as a light robe around the house and as a cardigan/topper on nights out paired with skinny jeans and a cami.  The straw tote, I’ve had for years. It is holds so much and sand shakes right out of it. Another summertime accessory staple. Hop over to the blog for more details and shopping links!

60’s Blogger: Phyllis of Follow Phyllis
Bio: Hi Ladies! I’m Phyllis, the woman behind, a website dedicated to empowering women over 50 to be their best selves. I blog primarily about fitness, nutrition, and motivation but I also love to bring my passion for fashion and beauty to my followers as well. Most women in my age group feel forgotten and I like to remind them of their vibrancy and vitality.

Styling Notes:
I love wearing turquoise in the summer, and no, not just the stone. To me the color turquoise evokes calm, warm, waters and morning skies. I can’t remember not loving this gorgeous color. It’s simply timeless. I have a ton of summer turquoise accessories and add more each year. I like the way all my pieces blend together as if they were purchased as a set. I love the way this color plays off other popular summer hues like coral and white. It always looks good and it always looks right. This year my daughter bought me these fabulous turquoise earrings from Stella and Ruby and they are my favorite summer accessory of the moment.
Style Tip:
Pour on the turquoise! I chose to pair these fabulous gems with other turquoise pieces I own: turquoise sandals, cuff bracelet, cheap little bracelet, and my fabulous new cover-up from Denim and Company. Am I blue? Yes, but in the best way!

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