Thursday, March 15, 2018

Beauty Break!

On a trip to Mexico about three years ago I suffered from dry, chapped lips due to the hot sun. No matter how much chapstick I put on I just could not get enough moisture to my lips. Thanks to an amazing friend who suggested getting some lip scrub from a local maker, I was finally able to repair and restore moisture into my pout when I got back home.
Fast forward three years, the same friend, Nikki Ferritto, Owner/Creator of Olive Me, started her own skin care line and is debuting her very own lip scrub this weekend!! I’m super excited for this product to be added to her line because it's one of my beauty must haves especially for summer. I owe my soft lips to her for introducing me to it and now I get to sample hers!
There are tons of scrubs out there for your feet, face, the whole body, but the lip scrub is a must. With harsh winters and hot summers my lips can always use a pick me up. Even after giving birth, I noticed my lips were a little dryer than usual. With the new mama care package Nikki sent me I was able to sample her new lip scrub and rejuvenate my lips. Also i should mention the lip scrub is locally made here in the CLE. You know how much I love everything local! You have to check out Nikki’s line and her new lip scrub. You can find her products at or and on Instagram @olivemebeauty.

Keep a lookout next week to see my Q&A with Nikki and learn more about her amazing beauty line!

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