Saturday, August 5, 2017

#whatsjaywearing and Amend!

If you follow me on social media you will know that my husband and I are currently expecting our first child. For women out there trying to be a new mama let me give you a warning, fashion gets a little difficult for the first trimester, you're in an in between stage where some of your wardrobe fits and other items are busting at the seams. I’m sure you can only guess at the complication this might cause a fashion blogger such as myself. I can’t really go shopping or try the latest trends because in two weeks it won’t fit due to my ever growing bump. So for my latest blog I’ve decided to hand the mic over to my husband and an awesome local men's skin care line called Amend.

I learned about Amend form one of my old fashion school classmates, she was currently working with them to help jump start their brand and asked if I wanted to feature their product on my blog. As you all know I cannot pass up an opportunity to showcase a local maker and my husband (#whatsjaywearing) made for the perfect model for a men's skin care line. Now I know what all #whatsjaywearing fans are thinking, “make-up for men, lame!” But in today's society social and gender boundaries are being challenged everyday and if a women can use concealer to cover up those unwanted blemishes and undereye circles why can’t a man? What better man to challenge that stigma than my husband? He is the alpha male himself who dresses in his Sponge Bob tee shirts and cargo shorts, who drinks beer, drives a massive truck, played rugby, and was in a fraternity. Now I will admit when I first suggested the feature to Jay it took a lot of persuasion because my oh so humble husband simply replied, he already looked so hot he didn't need makeup to enhance it. All jokes aside I think he was a little intimidated by the idea of a man wearing makeup but, for his wife and a local entrepreneur, he was willing to put the stigma aside and try the concealer stick.

The Amend Concealer Stick is one of the main products which can be used to cover up zits, razor bumps, or under eye circles, it's something founder Ben says, “ guys are starting to take to and be comfortable with using.” I don’t mean to be biased but, my husband has some pretty flawless skin. He doesn’t suffer from acne and he never shaves to close for a razor burn but, he does have those ever present under eye circles from time to time from staying up late playing video games and waking up early for work. He decided to use the stick under his eyes and he was the first to admit he was surprised to see the difference. He didn’t realize how tired he looked without it. As the women who looks at him everyday the concealer made his face look more vibrant and yes I must admit, did enhance his hotness like he so humbly suggested it would.

Final review:  “It’s not something I would use everyday but I could see using it when I need to look good for a wedding or a work function. I was surprised to see the difference but at the same time how it looked like I wasn’t wearing make up. Because you know how some girls wear too much and it looks caked on and gross the concealer didn’t do that it looked natural and really did make me look hotter!” -Jay

If your guy suffers from acne or maybe he needs just a good pick me up to his daily manscaping routine definitely check out Amend and grab your guy this awesome local product. To learn more about Amend check out their website or follow them on social media:
Instagram: @amendusa

The Amend Story:
The company was founded by Ben Milgrom in 2016.  He came up with the idea of a men’s skin care brand because of his own experience with adult acne. Since acne is determined by genetics, not even perfect hygiene would defend breakouts.  He suffered from bad acne starting in high school and went on Accutane before his senior year.  While his acne was never as bad as it was back in high school, he still suffered from breakouts.  After years of frustration he decided to purchase a concealer from Clinique, and after just one use it had the exact intended results and his self-confidence skyrocketed.
It wasn’t until late 2015 – 2 years after his first purchase of makeup –that it dawned on Ben that not only was he wearing product that was designed for women, but that there were not any options for men!  Thus, Amend was born.  We launched our company with a Kickstarter campaign that saw us reach 146% of our goal!  Our website launched in January 2017 and we have been going strong ever since.

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