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Styled by Stacy CLE Holiday Shopping Guide: First Stop, The Cuyahoga Collective!

Happy Holidays #styledbystacyfans! Let’s talk Christmas shopping! It’s that time of year where it's better to give than receive. I have the perfect gift ideas for you this holiday season. The best part is it's all from local businesses in Cleveland. I have partnered with several local businesses to bring you Styled by Stacy CLE Holiday Shopping Guide. Throughout December I will be featuring great gift ideas from some of my favorite local vendors.  When you find yourself looking for that perfect gift for a friend or family member check out my list to help you with all your holiday shopping needs!

1.) Cuyahoga Collective

Specializing in home goods, this shop is perfect for bringing the CLE into your home design. Gifting home goods is always a good gift idea. I love receiving cool and unique pieces to add to my home and the Cuyahoga Collective has some really amazing pieces. As soon as you walk in the door you feel at home. The retail space is set to look like your living room. The space is decorated with all of their unique pieces. On my visit I met with Shelley Turk, Operations Director, who showed me some of her favorite gift ideas for this holiday season.

The Patent Prints
Cuyahoga Collective’s patent prints are reproductions of work done by the inventor or patent designer. All of the prints date prior to the 1950's some dating into the early 1900's. They have several patent prints featuring various objects such as a bicycle, paddle, sail boat, waffle iron, coffee press, camera,  a cork extractor, and my personal favorite, the corkscrew.
What makes these prints even more unique is the Cuyahoga Collective prints all of them right in house at their shop in Lakewood with their very own printing press. The machine is pretty hi-tech but standard in most print shops. Their team takes extra care after the printing is done to hand cut and line dry the prints. Having the printer in house is a peek behind the scenes for their customers into our process.

Throw Pillows
These pillows are created by designer Linda Lackey who is a local designer who is known for her “clever, functional, cute and crafty homemade goods.” (LindasOtherLife at She has created a Cleveland Home pillow collection featuring CLE airport script, area codes, and my personal favorite the "Home" pillow featuring the state of Ohio as the “O”, Shelley said she has purchased this pillow for everyone she knows and I thought it would be the perfect gift for my best friend who moved to Texas. I love sending her local CLE love!

Cuyahoga Collective not only offers accessories for the home but for you as well. The shop features Shelley’s accessory line Stitched and Wired. These unique hand crafted pieces are perfect add on’s to any outfit and the perfect gift idea for any girl who likes a little sparkle.

Their Mission
"Cuyahoga Collective is a purveyor of goods and objects for the home.  Their aesthetic represents the roamers and the seekers by taking inspiration from the North Coast and bridging the gap between home and exploration.  We highlight our in-house creative alongside makers from Ohio, the US and beyond. And pride ourselves in connecting customers with the world around them, whether from their living room, around town or a journey into the wild."

Their Story
Cuyahoga Collective started in 2015, but most of their designs have been around since 2011. Their product line kicked off in the Spring of 2011 with the District Collection. The District Collection is an anthology of subway art prints showcasing six dynamic neighborhoods of a given city. Born in Cleveland the prints have matured and grown to encompass major cities across the country and have been spotted in some of the best homes, shops and offices. They now have over 22 districts for the Cleveland area and are featured in many stores nationwide.

Cleveland was the main inspiration for the District Collection. The City was on the brink of “finding itself” and they wanted to be at the forefront. So they hunkered down, got their designs together and focused on bridging the gap between city pride and home décor. They launched a few print ideas and quickly realized they needed to get these out to the public.

Their first launch of the Cuyahoga Collective truck was Spring of 2015. They have now experienced two vending seasons with the truck and couldn’t be happier. It is a roving home which allows their customers to visualize the art work in their own home. And they say it's fun to drive!

Operations Manager Shelley Turk and Owner/main designer, Adam Taseff, realized their homes could not hold any more merchandise and so they began their hunt for the perfect storefront.  On November 12th the Cuyahoga Collective held their Grand Opening for their store front and couldn’t be happier with the location, neighbors and support from the community.

Find all these awesome gift ideas and more at Cuyahoga Collective 15701 Madison Ave Lakewood, Ohio. Also find them online at . Follow them on Facebook  and Instagram @cuyahogacollective. 

Interior Of the Store

In house printing press

Me with Shelley


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