Sunday, July 11, 2021

Is The #Nsale Worth All the Hype?

 The answer is unfortunately no! Now don't get me wrong, I love the Nordstrom sale, I shop it every year. I post links on my Like to Know It for all of you to shop, but honestly I think the sale is overhyped and overrated. The #NSale is just like any other sale the retailer throws, and this one doesn't always give you the greatest deals! On today's blog I'm giving you an inside look at all the hype surrounding the Nsale, as well as what's worth it and what's not when shopping the sale! 

I know many social media users tend to steer clear of Instagram during the Nordstrom Sale because it can be very overwhelming and yes a little annoying at times when all your favorite influencers are sharing the same sale over and over again!! The why behind the overshare? Commission money of course! Like myself, many influencers receive a very small commission every time you shop one of their links. When there is a big sale you know everyone will be shopping of course you want to share all the looks and all your favorite finds in hopes that someone loves the items as much as you do and clicks your link to shop! Plus, during many sales commission percentages can go up allowing your fav influencers to get more bang for their buck when linking items. 

I can hear every influencer now, "it's not only about the money, I do share items I actually like and purchase!" This is true for many influencers, especially your style/fashion ones like myself. But beware, many of your favorite influencers are SELLING to you and just want you to click the link or swipe up. For many that is their job and their main source of income so I'm not hating on the hustle, but remember to not get caught up in buying everything you see your favorite influencer share!

What makes this specific Nordstrom Sale different from all the rest? This is an early access sale, meaning you get to buy all your fall fashion finds early at a sale price. Usually with sales prices you only get them after the season is over. But honestly when it comes to some classic pieces that will translate from season to season, like boots, jackets, handbags, you're better off waiting for the after season sale. I once bought a classic pair of brown boots during the NSale for $80 instead of $150 and the after season sale had them at $45. While it was nice having them for this year's fall season, part of me wished I waited the two months for an even better price on a classic boot!

Now for the part I'm sure you've all been waiting for, what am I shopping for?!? When it comes to a big sale like the Nordstrom Sale I always remember what one of my fav fashion influencers said, "If you wouldn't pay full price for the item your buying, then don't buy it on sale." I think too often, especially with all your fav influencers sharing all the things, you can get caught up in the consumption of the sale. Before you buy, ask yourself, “Do I need this in my wardrobe and can I style it with items I already have?” Every year I go into the Nordstrom Sale with a list of pieces I need for my wardrobe that I know I can get at a good price. This year I'm on the hunt for a good leather jacket, because the one I got from Target has seen better days. And as always, SHOES!! I buy 2-3 pairs every year from the sale. Let's be real, I live in Ohio and I'm always in need of good boots to last me fall/winter. That being said, some items I will not be shopping for are the basics. If you're new around here, I work for the biggest basic retailer in the nation, Gap Inc (Old Navy). When it comes to basic pieces like tees and sweaters, I always pass. I can get that stuff for a way better price where I work. On occasion a piece may catch my eye, like the amazing sweater duster they had last year, but that's rare. A lot of those pieces you can buy anywhere anytime so no need to spend now. I will say, if you are a fan of some of their tees and want to stock up, go for it. This is a perfect time, I personally love a specific style where I work so I always pass on others! 

I hope this blog helped when navigating the Nordstrom Sale. I got my peak at the preview and I'll be sharing some of my favs and past favs below! Also remember if you really love something and are going to buy help this girls side hustle out and click my links to shop!!

What I'm shopping!

Old Favorites I already own!

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