Saturday, May 29, 2021

Fit4Mom: A Fit For Me. A Fit For You!

 Having a new baby brings many challenges and anxieties. After JR I found myself very overwhelmed, because adding a new human to your life is a major shock to the system, especially for mama. As I embark on my second postpartum journey I have learned the aftershock of adding a new baby to your life is a little less intense because you are more prepared. You have plans and routines in place and you know all the right things to do if something goes awry. One very important plan/routine I personally had in place and has helped me tremendously during my postpartum journey is my mamas at Fit4Mom Willoughby/Mentor. 

If you have been here for awhile, you will know I struggled a lot with my postpartum body after I had JR. (Postpartum Blog 1, Postpartum Blog 2) It wasn’t until I found Fit4Mom Willoughby/Mentor, that I started gaining acceptance in my new body. During their Body Back program, not only did I shed a few pounds, I also fell back in love with my body. Fit4Mom gave me the tools and support to feel comfortable in my skin again. Little did I know one short month after I completed my first program with Fit4Mom, the good lord would surprise me with my little Ava. I'm not going to lie, I did have a little anxiety on what baby number two might do to my body, but I reminded myself I have a plan, I have a support system, I have Fit4Mom!

From Stroller Stride classes with the kiddos to their new Stroller Barre classes, they have something for every mama during any part of her pre or postpartum journey. One of my favorite programs they offer is the Body Well program. It's similar to the Body Back program I have taken in the past although, this new program doesn't make you think you need to "get your body back" because your body is awesome just how it is. Instead the "Body Well program is about the journey --about taking 8 weeks just for you, one day at a time -- for your body and soul." For me, Body Well is more than a way to get back in shape after baby, it's also a time to be with like minded mama's who are going through the same things you are and the 3 days a week you have together is a time to vent, laugh, sometimes cry, and get it all out during an amazing all body workout!

After my last eight week journey with Body Back I reflected on the learnings I gained as a new mom from my fellow Body Backers and the Body Well program is no different. I learned so much from my fellow Body Well mama's and I think it’s important to share my learnings, in hopes it will help a fellow mama who might feel alone or overwhelmed in her own postpartum journey. 

Lindsey's Juggling Act

Lindsey is one of my favorite mama's I've met through F4M. This mama has a lot going on. She has two littles, works a full time job, just opened a new business with her husband (Leolo Hospitality #shamlessplug) runs F4M book club, makes it to numerous classes, is in F4M run club, and signed up for Body Well. If you think you're overwhelmed, Lindsey has you beat. I've talked to her about my “mom guilt” a few times. She told me she definitely gets it but working out and interacting with all the mama's gives her sanity. Lindsey taught me to give myself grace, I'm constantly beating myself up for my busy schedule but taking time for just mom is important and I should not feel guilty for that!

Liz's Perfection

Liz is an ex NFL cheerleader and I will admit when I worked out next to her for the first time I felt less than. She may have just had a baby, but this girl is a powerhouse and a little intimidating. As I went through this process with Liz I learned I may think she is perfect but for her, she sometimes felt less than. I think so often, especially in the world of social media, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Liz taught me that some days I may over analyze myself, but I have to remember there is someone out there that thinks I’m a powerhouse. Maybe it's a mama I related to on my blog or simply just my kids or husband. Either way I am valued for exactly who I am and it's important not to forget.

Sam's Determination

Sam is another busy mama, between work and raising her son, life can get a little busy. She has been so busy she had to miss some classes, but did that missed class make her quit? Absolutely not, she continued to show up, did the work, and finished the program. I think so often when we start a new workout regime it can be a challenge. We miss a couple days here and there and we suddenly don't feel bad about missing more. When I went back to work after my maternity leave I fell into this pattern. You give yourself an excuse and tell yourself you’ll do the next one and a month later you haven't been to one class. The great thing about Body Well is you have a support group holding you accountable. Seeing Sam, or one of the other girls miss a class but show up for the next one kept me motivated. We are all human, we are all mamas and things come up or schedules collide but it's important to stay focused on your wellness and not give up!


Zerina's New Adventure 

I have to give a shout out to the new owner of Fit4Mom Willoughby/Mentor. My good friend Zerina. She was also part of our Body Well popping in and out when she could, running a new business is hard and having her support during the Body Well program meant a lot. I’m excited to have her as our head mama incharge. She has been busy making class schedules, introducing new classes, and making sure we all take a little time for mama.I can’t wait to see how she will help our village grow and if you're a mama in the Willoughby/Mentor area, Zerina has you covered! 

Ashley's Judgment Free Zone

Some leaders rule with an iron fist, other leaders rule with calm determination, and that's how I would describe our Body Well Coach Ashley. She wasn’t intimidating or made you feel bad if you missed a class or maybe ate that extra piece of Birthday cake, she was there to support you and lift you up throughout your Body Well experience. The coaches and instructors of Fit4Mom are truly the greatest. They are mama’s just like you and they understand all the trials of trying to stay fit while also caring for littles and they are always 100% judgment free. I feel like if I had a boring old gym membership I wouldn't get the same care. Ashley kept me motivated with her calm demeanor and always knew how to push you the right way to help you get the results you needed. I’m so glad to have her as our leader during this journey and I know I personally could not have done it without her!

I am forever grateful for my Fit4Mom community and I do not know if I could have survived baby number two without my “Fit4Moms”. One of the greatest pieces of advice I got as a new mom was to find a moms group because there is strength in motherhood and a special bond all women share. I’ve heard of some mom groups out there who shame you or judge you and I’m here to tell you Fit4Mom is not that kind of mom group. I’ve found acceptance, I've found strength, and I've found amazing mamas just like me who are focused on living well and being the best mamas we can be!

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