Wednesday, February 3, 2021

How To Style a Sequin Skirt!


Every now and then, I add a new addition to my wardrobe that really gets me excited. As a Christmas gift to myself, I purchased an amazing pink sequins midi skirt from Loft. I'm simply in love. I mean who doesn't need a pink sequin skirt in their closet? With this new addition I began styling it into my wardrobe right away and decided it was time for another installment of me styling one piece, three ways!

Look 1 Chambray All Day

One of my favorite ways to style a midi skirt is to add a classic chambray top. It is the perfect closet staple and pairs perfectly with this sequin skirt giving it a cool and classic vibe!

Look 2 Getting  Graphic

I love pairing a graphic with a midi skirt, but I wanted to dress it up with one of my favorite pink blazers. This look would also be great with a leather jacket for a more rocker vibe or a great cozy cardi, just in case your wardrobe is lacking a pink blazer. (Ps Target legit has great ones every year around spring time so keep your eyes open if you are in the market for one!)

Look 3 Cozy Casual 

This cozy sweater look was a must. I live in Ohio and it's always freezing this time of year so I knew I needed to style a weather appropriate look with my sequin midi. Add a great plaid scarf and you are ready to brave the winter weather in style!

When it comes to sequin fashion, I must admit I'm a little hesitant to add them to my closet. I knew, however, the midi skirt option was perfect for me because it's my favorite wardrobe piece. When looking to add sequins to your wardrobe, make sure to keep it simple and snag one in a silhouette you love. As always, I hope my post has inspired you to try something new and fun in your wardrobe!

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