Wednesday, January 27, 2021

January Closet Remix: The Fanny Pack


It's time for another January Closet Remix item, and today we are styling a fanny pack!! This was probably my most surprising item I received from you guys. If I'm being honest, I actually do not own one! When I think of a fanny back my mind automatically goes to the highlighter pink one my mother used when we went on vacations when I was a kid. Not very trendy or cute. I will admit they have come a long way, even top designers like Louis Vuitton and Chanel are making them. So obviously when I got this item I knew it was time to bite the bullet and get a fanny!

This suggestion actually came from a mama of two who feels like there has to be a fashionable way to pull a fanny pack off, because its so convenient with kids in toe. I always told myself if I bought a fanny pack it would have to be designer, but in the spirit of staying budget friendly and not spending a fortune, I took to Amazon to find one. I found a simple black one for $17. It has two compartments and it fits all the essentials, wallet, phone, keys, chapstick.

When styling a fanny pack I've seen it worn similar to the way you would wear a cross body bag, but shorter. Although this way is a cute way to sport a fanny, it's just not practical for a mama because that's exactly where the baby needs to go. With that in mind I had to style the fanny the old fashioned way, around the waist. 

For today's look, I decided to have some fun and create two looks, the first is my "Everyday Mom" look. This look features leggings and an oversized sweater. The perfect look to run errands and have a fun playdate with the kids. 

The second look is the "Mom's Night Out" look. I styled the fanny as a cross body and paired it with a cute crew neck sweater, denim, and a perfect bootie! 

I hope these cute mom looks gets you excited and inspired to try out a fanny yourself!


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