Friday, February 7, 2020

5 Maternity Closet Staples!

One of the most challenging things for me about being pregnant is figuring out what to wear. I know I make it look easy on my daily posts on the gram but, I’m here to tell you the struggle is real.
Especially toward the end of your pregnancy.The other challenge I have also encountered is building that pregnancy wardrobe. With both of my pregnancies I tried to stay away from too many maternity only items. I couldn’t really justify spending the money on something I was only going to wear for a short while. For this pregnancy, I took a look back on the many outfits I styled while pregnant with JR and I began to notice some staple pieces that really helped me when growing my maternity wardrobe. Now that I’m pregnant for the second time it makes it a little easier to create looks keeping these pieces in mind. On today’s blog I wanted to share some of those closet staples to dress the bump. They are the pieces you should invest in when shopping for maternity. It's my hope to help and inspire you to create some classic maternity looks, while also not breaking the bank!

This is probably the #1 item you should invest in. Full disclosure, I bought some less expensive jeans for my pregnancy with JR and towards the end of my second trimester with Ava they all split in the inseam. Now I’m left with the one pair I bought for this pregnancy. I am completely aware maternity denim is quite pricey, but if you are planning on having multiple kids I cannot stress the importance of buying quality denim. It was one of the first purchases I made with JR and I even bought another pair to freshen up my wardrobe with Ava. Denim is a classic staple in everyone's wardrobe so you can’t go wrong with a great pair of maternity jeans! 

Basic Tanks/Tees
These were pieces I invested in when I was pregnant with JR and they are still holding up during my second pregnancy. The best part about my basics, I got them from H&M and most of their basics and maternity basics come in packs of 2 and they are less than $25. This makes it easy and inexpensive to stock up on really good basics. A good tee or tank is the perfect base for any look. Especially with what I wear to work, I need something light and easy to wear while I’m resetting floor fixtures and receiving new products. I wear a layered basic tee or tank everyday and it is so helpful to have some that fit over the bump and won’t ride up! 

This is the closet staple that is in everyone's wardrobe already. I know there are a lot of maternity leggings out there but I am in love with the High-Waisted yoga leggings from Old Navy. These are actually non-maternity, but the high-waisted band helps when fitting over the bump. My only complaint, because they are not maternity, the bigger I get, the more the band tends to roll down under the bump. At times it can be uncomfortable and I do wish I invested in at least a couple pair of actual maternity leggings so I wasn’t adjusting all the time.

This is a piece I have worn both maternity and non-maternity. When it comes to everyday dresses this is a piece that can be non-maternity so you can wear it again postpartum. When it comes to more formal dresses or dresses you may need for a particular event, I went with maternity dresses. I had several weddings, work events, and blogger events while pregnant with both kids and I honestly just felt more comfortable in maternity dresses. A lot of everyday dresses tend to have more stretch like the jersey and tee dresses I have but when it comes to lace and satan they are a little less forgiving. Good news, there are a ton of really great, inexpensive ones on Amazon so no need to stress yourself or your bank account out!

The best part about this closet staple? It’s definitely already in your closet and there is no need to buy maternity. This is what I like to call the freebie. I have a ton of jackets in my wardrobe from leather to canvas to denim and blazers. They are the perfect pieces to layer over your maternity basics to instantly elevate your look. It also goes without saying, cardi’s and kimonos are totally in this category as well.  

To all my new mamas out there or already mamas looking to elevate their maternity look,  I hope these wardrobe basics make maternity dressing a little easier and remember for more maternity fashion inspo follow me on the gram @styled_by_stacy!

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