Friday, January 17, 2020

Ageless Style Part 4!

It’s time again for my quarterly Ageless Style post! If you remember, back in the spring I got together with a fantastic and diverse group of bloggers to style similar wardrobe staples or seasonal trends in a variety of ways. What makes this series fun, is that we have a representative from every age group to show you how they would style the specific trend or staple we have chosen for the quarter. I share a lot of trend styling for the 20-30 something year old woman and I'm excited to show options for all ages. It's my hope with this series to continue to inspire you with great style no matter your age.

For this quarters Ageless Style blog, I’m not only bringing you styling tips for the thirty something girl but also for the mama to be! As you all know, I’m expecting baby #2 and I think this gives me a different perspective when styling this quarters theme. Not only can I help you look fab in your 30’s, but for the next couple of Ageless Style posts I’ll be showing you ways to look fab while pregnant! For this quarters theme we chose Winter Whites! I’ve decided to style a cozy cable knit sweater dress. For all my mama’s out there, nothing is easier than a dress when it comes to styling the bump. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to add the latest trends to your wardrobe while pregnant. I chose a sweater dress because we do live in Ohio after all and we need all the extra warmth we can get. The color white is not my favorite color to style because my skin is so fair. If your like me and tend to stay away from white but love the trend, I would look for more cream tones then a stark white. When accessorizing an all over white look the key is to add more neutral tones like nude or a soft brown. That’s why I added my favorite pair of brown suede thigh high boots and a hat to match. You could also add a great nude belt to accentuate your waist or a slouchy pair of knee high boots if the thigh highs are too extreme for you. Don’t forget to add great bag and you are ready for any fun Holiday event you may encounter this season!
For more Winter White inspo for any age keep reading below to see what some of the other ladies have styled! 

20’s Blogger: Taylor of Cin City Chic

Bio: Hello! My name is Taylor and I am the Content Creator for the lifestyle blog CinCityChic. CinCityChic encompasses fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. I am passionate about cultivating creative inspiration to help others boost their confidence. Cincinnati is home and I incorporate upcoming events, local stores, and my personal recommendations within my blog about the amazing 513. As an explorative and fun-loving millennial I am still finding my own path in this world. CinCityChic is my escape and journey that I enjoy sharing with others!  

Styling Notes: White is one of my favorite colors to include in my wardrobe. White can make your outfit look fresh and clean. I especially like wearing white in the winter because it can be done in so many different ways. Here, I wore this white puffer vest from Old Navy. Dressing in the winter can be stylish by adding different textures and colors. Underneath I kept it simple, by wearing black, but notice the leggings are faux leather. The contrast in material adds a bit of charisma to the overall look. 

The white puffer vest is super comfortable. I am not a fan of wearing big huge jackets due to the colder months. I prefer to layer clothing that is less constricting. Here, I have on a cozy turtleneck from Target, and underneath I added a black long sleeve Under Armour shirt to keep me warm. Overall, I love this look, and it can be done with everyday items you may have in your closet!

40’s Blogger: Lesa of Prissy Missy Loves

Bio: Hi everyone! I’m Lesa, better known as Prissy Missy, and I am the fatshionista behind Prissy Missy Loves. I cover plus size style, often with a bit of pin up flair, and I promote authenticity and body positivity. My goal is to help women embrace themselves, love their bodies, and not be afraid to try new fashion trends. 

Styling Notes: Wearing white in the winter used to seem daunting to me. I always felt I looked washed as I am very pale. It has only been in the last few years that I have tried to add white into my winter wardrobe. I enjoy layering in winter, so this faux fur vest not only keeps me warm, but it makes a bold and fun fashion statement.
Styling Tips: If you worry you will look washed out, make sure to add some bold colors in your makeup for the day. Also, start with adding white statement pieces and having other pops of color to contrast the white. My best piece of advice is that if you go for something bold for you, hold your head high and wear it with pride. Own your look!

50’s Blogger: Betsy of Natty Gal

Bio:  Hello, friend!  I’m Betsy, the Cleveland blogger behind Natty Gal, wife to Gavin and fur-mom to Dolce.  My passion is to encourage women like you to dismiss the clutter in your life and to focus on what matters most.  Natty Gal shares inspiration for cultivating a simple, stylish and satisfying life via lifestyle, fashion and travel topics. Come join the journey and create your best life with me!

Styling Notes: I was thrilled the Taylor selected Winter Whites for this season of Ageless Style!  The softer, slightly more ivory tones are a bit friendlier to my complexion than the stark whites we see more of during the summer months.  My lifestyle is quite casual so I chose a jeans (Ann Taylor) and light sweater (Banana Republic) approach for this outfit.  While I love single-color outfits (so on-trend now), I decided to go with a monochromatic but tonal viewpoint in this look.  The warm browns, taupes and greys all complement soft white beautifully. The faux fur vest is from White House Black Market several years ago and I love wearing each winter!  Similar styles are available this season and are linked on my blog along with other outfit details.

Style Tip: If YOU choose to wear the single color trend in winter white (or any color), add interest by using different textures in each piece of the outfit.  For instance, pair a wool blend pant with a silk or satin blouse, faux fur or leather coat and suede or snake-textured boot OR ivory denim (like shown here) with a chunky cabled sweater and a smooth finish shoe or boot and belt.

60’s Blogger: Phyllis of Follow Phyllis

Bio: Hi Ladies! I’m Phyllis, the woman behind, a website dedicated to empowering women over 50 to be their best selves. I blog primarily about fitness, nutrition, and motivation but I also love to bring my passion for fashion and beauty to my followers as well. Most women in my age group feel forgotten and I like to remind them of their vibrancy and vitality.

Styling Notes: Who said you can't wear white after Labor Day??? Those rules no longer apply and I’m thrilled because I think white looks fresh and clean during the colder months. I love faux fur and when I saw this incredible white jacket from Dennis Basso on QVC a few years ago I knew I had to have it! I wear it all the time for both casual and dressy occasions. This jacket has a hood with pom poms (what could be cuter?) and is nipped in at the waist. I always make it the focus of my outfit regardless of what else I put on! An added bonus is it keeps me warm and cozy on freezing cold days. 
Style Tip: I love to pair this jacket with other textures like leather, denim and bulky wool sweaters. And I always add a little sparkle like a jeweled clutch or statement jewelry.

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