Thursday, December 12, 2019

Making Little Spirits Bright!

Christmas time is in full swing and as I decorate the house with all things holiday, I started to think of some fun decor, activities, and items that made the holiday’s special when I was a kid. As JR gets older, I thought it was time to bring some of that magic of the holidays to him! In today’s blog I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite holiday items and traditions that will get any kid in the holiday spirit!

Sledding with a Side of Hot Cocoa!
One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was to go sledding! We used to go to a big hill that was right behind a McDonald’s and after we were done sledding my dad would always take us over for a sweet chocolaty drink to warm up after playing in the snow. Jay and I have yet to decide if JR is ready for that snow action but click below to see some fun Hot Cocoa items I’m stocking up on this year just in case we decide to go. There is always less extreme snow day activities like building a snowman that would warrant a yummy cup of chocolate goodness as well!

Christmas Cookie Baking
Christmas cookie baking was always my favorite thing to do because usually it meant we got to skip the babysitters and stay at home with mom! I grew up with a working mom, so she wasn’t always available like a stay at home mom. When she would take off for Christmas break and make cookies with me and my older brother I always got so excited. Being a working mom myself this is one tradition I want to start with JR and Baby #2. He is still too little to bake with mom but I’m already planning some fun ways to heighten the Christmas cookie baking experience. See some of my inspo below!

Advent Calendar
As I roam the isles of Target to look at all their holiday decor I realized I don’t own an Advent Calendar. We had a cloth one growing up with a cute little stuffed mouse that you moved into each day pocket. It was always my favorite piece of decor growing up. Naturally with an almost two year old and another on the way I have to go find one for our home and here are some favorites of mine that I’ve found below! 

Other Holiday Fun
While searching for all these holiday goodies to share with you, I found some really fun items that needed to be shared! I added the bubble blowing train, because we have a bubble blowing Santa I got years ago in college as a Secret Santa gift and JR is obsessed with it. Holiday Poppers, because we get one every year, even at the age of 32 from my uncle on Christmas Eve. It comes with fun gifts inside including a paper crown that you MUST wear in order to receive a popper. The drink bombs and Santa cookie tray are two fun items I could not pass up and I hope these gifts and more inspire you to bring some fun into this holiday season!

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