Thursday, July 11, 2019

Tips for Amazing Wedding Guest Style!

Summertime a wonderful time of year where the weather is beautiful and love is in the air. It makes the perfect setting for the number of weddings we will all be invited to this season. For some, your lucky enough to have two maybe three to attend. For others, like my sister and her boyfriend, both were in a sorority/ fraternity, you may find yourself invited to ten!!! With so many wedding invites in various settings it was inevitable for the “what do I wear?” text to pour into my inbox. My sister and boyfriend are four weddings down and I've been asked about various styling tips ranging from the basic, “what dress do I wear”  to the craziest, “what do I wear to an outdoor wedding if it's raining?” With my sisters stylist questions as inspiration I thought it would be fun to share some of my sage styling advice with all of you on today's blog! Wedding season is always stressful, so let me help you out with some easy styling tips to remember while you get ready to celebrate love with some of your closest friends and family!
Where To Shop
I honestly look for wedding guest dresses everywhere, but lately my favorite place has been Amazon. If you are a Prime member they make it easy to shop with such a great variety to choose from. I found the perfect navy blue lace dress for my brothers wedding.I loved the blue dress so much I bought it in black!
TJMaxx or Marshall’s are great, I’ve found some great Calvin Klein pieces at a good price. His styles are so classic it is  hard to go wrong with any dress!
Then there are always the classics everyone loves, Target and Old Navy. They have great dresses to choose from every season it’s hard to pick just one. My dress for this post I actually found at a new to me retailer, Meijer, which I hear is a similar retailer.

If you want something unique, try a local boutique, Fetch & Co. is one of my favorites, I bought an amazing floral maxi dress I wore to JR’s baptism from there!

What To Shop For
I love anything floral and colorful for a summertime wedding. If your not big on making a colorful statement my favorite go to is a great navy dress with a pop of pink in my shoes and handbag. If all else fails, remember the words of the late great Karl Lagerfeld, “You can never be under dressed, or overdressed in a little black dress.”

Outdoor wedding
We all know how to dress for an indoor wedding with ease, but when you add the elements of the great outdoors it's hard to know how to prepare. For rainy, muggy weather like my brothers early September nuptials I obviously had to be picture ready as a bridesmaid. Some styling tips I kept in mind were, keeping my hair natural, which is wavy. I also had to make sure the bangs were pinned back in a cute side braid because once the humidity hits, it's all over. I also wore some super cute flat sandals, no need to make walking in the elements difficult, the lower to the ground the better. Don't forget the setting spray for your makeup, it's a life saver!

Besides rain, the other outdoor element you may have to deal with is extreme heat. I went to a wedding in Mexico and the name of the game was comfort and airy. I was lucky enough to find a killer backless maxi from Forever 21. It was lightweight fabric, slits up the side,  and the perfect mix of classy meets tropical vacation.

Another element may be cold weather. I have yet to attend a wedding in the winter or fall, but this year I have one in November. I'm looking for thicker fabrics like velvet with long sleeves and possibly a maxi style. Although I do love to dance so I may opt for a shorter sleeve and maybe add a classic blazer as a layering piece to stay warm if needed. I, of course, will pair with some killer booties to top off my look. I'll be sure to share my end look later this fall on my social media so stay tuned.

At the end of the day weddings are all about the bride anyways, no need to overthink it. But if you find yourself staring at your closet hours before the holy matrimony remember some of my easy styling tips and I swear you will kill it in wedding guest style!

Outfit Details: Lace Dress, Heeled Sandals, Similar Pink Blazer, Basket Bag, Pink Clutch
Floral Dress is from Meijer, but is not available online to shop. Only In Stores!
Sorry the black print Maxi was from Forever 21 three years ago so unfortunately it is no longer available. I just wanted to share a visual for beach wedding inspiration! 

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