Monday, July 15, 2019

Cleveland Street Style!

When I graduated from fashion school, I always pictured myself living in New York and working for some big fashion publication. Then reality set in when my now husband, found a job and decided to set some roots here in the CLE. I soon found myself in suburbia working a retail job that I loved but just didn’t satisfy my creative juices. This is when I decided to start my blog. Since then I have seen and experienced this once drab city turn into something extraordinary, especially when it came to fashion! In many ways I miss what could have been in NYC, but I’m excited for all the great things happening in my city right now. It’s just the beginning for this great Cleveland powerhouse and I’m excited I’m along for the ride!

To celebrate my great city I wanted to showcase some of its beauty. I find so much beauty in its amazing street art. For a while now my photographer, Ashley and I have been seeing some of these amazing pieces of art as backdrops to some great candids on Instagram and we would always say, “we need to find this wall for a photoshoot!” Well today is the day, except for instead of one wall we will be showcasing 15!! I am first and foremost a fashion blogger. I couldn’t simply shoot these walls without some killer style in the forefront. The challenge, however, is how does one style looks for 15 different backgrounds and not hit total creativity overload? I decided to keep it simple and do what I do best, style one piece multiple ways! That's right, for this blog I have taken one fashion staple and styled it 15 fun ways for you! What style staple is it do you ask? The LBD of course, because according to the late great Karl Lagerfeld, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress!” 

I’m excited to share the beauty of my city with you and I can’t wait to litter my Instagram feed with unique street art from the CLE. Make sure to check out my feed daily for the latest LBD style and to check in on the blog for all the outfit details and locations of these masterpieces. Just in case you find yourself needing an amazing backdrop for your amazing style!

Muralist: Victor Ving (Discover More)
Location: The corner of W. 25th Street and Chathman
Outfit Detail: Dress, Jacket, Sneakers 

Location: Carneys Bar, 1329 Washington Ave
Outfit Details: Dress, Tee, Jewelry 

Muralist: Erin Guido & Joe Lanzilotta
Location: West Shoreway Retaining wall on the corner of W. 25th and Main, Across from Saint Malachi School
Outfit Details: Dress, Bag, Hat

Location: Unknown (but I believe it's across the street from the "Greetings from Cleveland" wall in my first photo!)
Outfit Details: Dress

Muralist: Glen Infante (fun fact: he owns the popular clothing brand, iLTHY)
Location: West Shoreway retaining wall at the corner of W. 25th and main, right next to the Love Doves!
Outfit Details: Dress, Leather Jacket

Muralist: Lisa Quine
Location: 6805 Detroit Ave. (East Side)
Outfit Details: Dress, Clutch, Heels

Muralist: Justin Michael Will
Location: 6805 Detroit Ave. (West side)
Outfit Details: Dress, Jacket 

Muralist: Michela Picchi
Location: 2917 Detroit Ave. on the corner of W. 28th and Detroit, on the side of the Schaefer Printing Building
Outfit Details: Dress, Jacket unavailable but there is more unique styles to discover here, use code STYLEDBYSTACY FOR 15% OFF!

Muralist: Unknown
Location: 2421 Bridge Ave. right off of West 25th on the side of the Glass Bubble Project building.
Outfit Details: Dress, Shoes, belt is vintage and necklace was a bday gift!

Muralist: The Bubble Process (a duo made up of Sean Higgins and Nicholas Rezabek
Location: 1849 West 24th Street, on the side of Market Garden's store and tour building.
Outfit Details: Dress, Shirt

Muralist: Jessie Unterhalter & Katey Truhn
Location: 5209 Detroit Ave. (On the side of The Centers for Families and Children's Reinberger Auditotium
Outfit Details: Dress, Jacket

Muralist: Patrice Marchand
Location: 1947 W. 25th St (on tie corner of W. 25th and Market, on the side of Market Garden Brewery)
Outfit Details:  Dress, Jacket 

Muralist: Unknown
Location: On the corner of W. 25th and Church
Outfit Details: Dress, Boots, Sweater 

Outfit Details: Dress, Jacket, Boots

Muralist: David Shillinglaw
Location: 1468 W. 25th Street (corner of W. 25th and Church)

Muralist: Mike Sobeck
Location: W. 28th and Church St. (on the back of the Schaefer Printing Building)

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