Monday, May 6, 2019

What Mamas Really Wants for Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and in the blogger world that means its “Mother Day Gift Guide” time! I know we are all trying to make a living and offer some really great products for our followers to shop but, let's get real for a moment. A necklace with my kids face in it would be adorable but, what I really would love for Mother’s Day is to sleep for 8hrs straight, or go to the spa for an entire day. There is nothing wrong with a little me time, especially on the day when we celebrate some pretty kick*** women, MOMS! To show all my mamas out there that they are not alone in their selfishness I’ve reached out to some other pretty great mamas to see what’s on their wish list this Mother’s Day!

Erin S. “A clean house!”

Ashley K. “warm weather and a cold bottle of wine!”

Joann P. “My kids are all older and I like having them cook dinner for once!”

Ashley W. “A day of peace and quiet”

Megan M. “To sleep in”

Michaela S. “Full nights sleep, mani/pedi, and a night away with the hubby.”

Heather C. “More sleep, A day to binge watch Netflix, clean house and laundry done.”

Lindsay D. “A message and a free hour to actually get it!”

Rachel W. “Spa Day!!”

Holly H. “A normal date night!”

Leslie R. “Clean house I don’t have to clean myself!”

Julie B. “Margarita’s!!! and 10hrs of uninterrupted sleep!”

Ashley K. “Spa Day! Including mani/pedi and a massage! Also quality play date with my son!”

Jennifer G. “An hour massage, spa day, and a bbq outside with some nice weather and the family!”

Kathy G. “A spa day!”

Monica Y. “Spa Day!”

Ellen O. "A Nap!"

Megan C. “The day before Mother’s Day for myself to go to the spa and get my nails done and relax.”

To all my Dads out there, take note. These are real mamas sharing some really great ideas! And if you are a mama who would love for me to drop this in your hubby’s inbox just leave his email below!
Happy Mother’s Day to all my moms and thank you for contributing! Feel free to comment any other ideas you have below!

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