Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Products Mom's Love!

A few months after we welcomed JR into our lives I shared a Postpartum Shopping List with all of you. It was full of all the items I REALLY used when baby finally arrived. I thought it was helpful to share the important products with some future mama’s because for a first time moms the “Must Have Item” list can be a little overwhelming. I found myself asking what I really needed and finding out after JR got here what was a total waste of money. Now that he’s older I found myself wanting to share more products I love, and I wanted to hear from you. I have again reached out to my amazing group of mamas filled with friends, relatives, and followers. I have a list of products I love but, I wanted to know what others moms swear by and when the responses flooded in I realized a lot of these items make my life easier more than I even realize.
If you are a new mama or just a mama who is looking to make life a little easier the first year of life and up, today’s blog is for you. I’ve also made an attempt to track down most of these items so feel free to click on each item to shop!


Styled by Stacy: Reusable sili-stick table mats, fisherman sandals, and our army grade tactical diaper bag. (literally holds everything and has not ripped or wore down like my chic expensive one I bought. My sister-in-law has the some one too!)

MeganBumkins Bibs, on Amazon”

Megan C. “Kitchen scissors, I use them to open everything from food to toys for the kids.”

Joann P. “The no spill snack cups

Georgina B. “Wine” (a woman after my own heart)

Michaela S. “Netflix” (for both mama and baby!)

Heather C.Boogie Wipes

Lindsay D.Stacking blocks from Barnes and Noble.”

Rachel W. “Big Puzzles”

Holly H.Silicone Feeding bibs with the food catcher and a portable high chair

Leslie R. “Baby fruit and veggie pouches, so baby can eat healthy on the go!”

Julie B. “Netflix”

Ashley K. “Stacking cups, Amazon Book Club (includes 4 board books a month), Silicone bib with catcher, and Aveeno eczema night balm.”

Jennifer G. “Peek-a-boo books, food pouches, MAM pacifiers, puzzles, Jumparoo

Ashley K.Lug brand puddle jumpers and a collapsible wagon.”

Caitlin P. "Fruit/yogurt pouches and a Pockit Stroller for traveling."

Kristen I. "Portable diaper changing pad."

Product Details: Chambray Shirt, Skirt, JR's Onesie

Hopefully today's blog will be helpful to all my mamas out there and remember there is strength in Motherhood so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below on any items we may have missed that you love!