Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Pizza Night!

Taking a major leap today on the blog from fashion blogger to foodie blogger! You all asked so I’m sharing all my amazing Meatless Pizza recipes I served at my annual Good Friday Dinner with the fam. Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures to show of the yummy pizza’s (I told you I was taking a leap) but I am the second oldest of five children. When you add in my parents, spouses/significant others, and two babies the house was pretty packed. Everyone smashed the deliciousness fresh out the oven. I did however have some left over dough to make one of my favorite pizza’s of the night this past weekend and I captured all the behind the scenes goodness for you then. If you're looking for homemade over take out, these pizza recipes are for you. As always thank you for allowing me to take a break from fashion and share another passion of mine, FOOD!

To make a good pizza you have to have a good base, I’m talking about the dough! Now I will admit I do not make my own but, I get a little help from some local Italian markets that I love. If your in the Cleveland area I’m going to share two places I shop, if your not from the area, my advice would to start Googling local Italian markets in your area, you’ll be surprised what amazing places you can find. The market I usually shop at is Alesci’s located in Willowick, Oh. They have some really good ingredients and they are always friendly and helpful. This year I tried something new with a local spot closer to home called Verdi’s Italian Market in Mentor, Oh. I pass it every day on my way home and it's literally walking distance from my house and this year I decided to give it a whirl and was very happy with the choice!
Now that you have a good base lets get started with the pizza’s of the night and all their ingredients!

Oven temp in cook time for every pizza: 475 for about 15 min

Greek Pizza
This was a new recipe I tried and it was hands down the favorite of the night and my featured pizza on today's post!

Spinach, stems cut off
Red Peppers, chopped
½ Red onion, chopped
Kalamata Olives
Feta Cheese
Meat option: sausage

Spread olive oil on crust and arrange ingredients on top.

Margherita Pizza
Mozzarella Cheese

Spread pesto on crust add tomato and mozzarella on top.

Blue Cheese & Veggie Pizza
Blue Cheese
½ Red Onion, chopped
Cherry Tomatoes, chopped

Spread olive oil on crust and arrange ingredients on top.

Goat Cheese & Honey Pizza
Goat Cheese
Meat option: add prosciutto

Spread olive oil on crust, add goat cheese and pears, and bake. Drizzle honey over pizza once its fully cooked.

Brie & Berry Pizza
This was a new pizza I tried, I usually spread crust with fig spread and add cubed brie and bake. This year I wanted to try something new with the blackberries. The family consensus was the pizza was missing something, it was good but you didn't taste the sweetness of the berries. Maybe try a blackberries spread instead for added sweetness.

Blackberries, chopped or a blackberry preserve
Brie, cubed
Walnuts, chopped

Spread olive oil on crust and arrange ingredients on top.

Classic White Pizza
Garlic Olive Oil

Spread garlic olive oil on crust and add cheese on top. Simple and easy, and Big Jay’s favorite!

I hope my pizza menu inspired you on your next pizza night with the family. If you need any more ideas Pintrest is my best friend. I even have a Pizza Board you can follow along as well as other fun fashion and food ones!

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