Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mom Hack's You'll Love!

Becoming a mom can be very overwhelming at times and I swear I learn something new everyday, especially the more my son grows. I think the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. It is okay to not have all the answers and ask for help. There are tons of mama’s out there who are going through the same thing and having the same struggles.  I’m fortunate to have a really big extended family and two of my cousin’s wives and my sister- in-law are new mama’s, so family get togethers are always full of mommy talk.

Big family or not I still love hearing advice from other moms I meet. In today’s blog I thought it would be fun to hear from some of my favorite mama’s on all the Mom Hacks they have picked up throughout their days, months, and even years of being a mama. Some of these are funny, helpful, and just plain brilliant! (Yeah, I’m talking to you Lindsay D.). Take a look below for those mommy hacks starting with me:

Styled by Stacy: When I would be going out for the day and needed to heat up bottles I would always pack one of those insulated water bottles, the ones that keep cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot, filled with hot water and pack an empty cup that fit the bottle + water. That way no matter where we ended up I always had a way to warm up a bottle!  

Joann P. “My son got 2 TV remotes in a white elephant gift. I lysoled them down and now they are the perfect toy for my grand kids!”

Monic Y. “It’s all about the bedtime routine!”

Megan C. “Lollypops! Give them to kids on outings so they stay calm and distracted. Halls also offers Vitamin C. and cough drop ones!”

Megan “Dry Shampoo”

Melissa P “When meal prepping for yourself do the same for your little”

JRP “Frozen mini bagels as teething rings.”

Marie P. “Cloth diapers make the best dusting clothes and they are reusable so it saves the environment!”

Michaela S “If you don’t have a wipe close by, moms mouth is a good way to clean a pacifier.”

Heather C. “Using puppy pee pads on changing table so you don’t constantly have to clean changing pad.

Ashley K. “, you can search by location for kid friendly events happening in your area!”

Lindsay D. “Baby Boy Hack: Wipe his belly with a wipe before taking off his diaper. That will stimulate the “cold” sensation and he won’t pee all over you and him!”

Rachel W. “Putting an article of your clothing for baby to sleep with. (They sleep much better)”

Holly H. “Using a baby toothbrush for teething and always give them something to hold/play with when changing. Only way to keep my daughter from crawling away!”

Erin S. “Rolling up big kids tshirts in their drawers so they can find the shirt they're looking for easily and not make a mess.”

Julie B. “Just letting them be and making sure their safe.” (Let kids be kids!)

Ashley K. “Fitted sheet or kiddie pool for an outside play area.”

Caitlin P. “If it involves something gross, have dad do it!”

Erin S. “Pulling out tabs on juice boxes to prevent spills”

Ashley K. “Park closest to the cart return, not closest to the door.”

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At the end of the day being a mom is the best thing in the world. Know you are great as long as you are trying your best, your best is enough. Shout out to all the moms who helped make this blog possible. My hope with this blog is to help you on your journey and let you know you’re not alone! Also there is strength in motherhood so feel free to leave a comment of your best “Mom Hack” below!

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