Saturday, March 9, 2019

Old Navy Denim Favorites!

Denim, it’s the one item that goes with every outfit and it comes in many fits and washes, perfect for any body type. It is a universal piece that everyone owns and it is a wardrobe staple. I find that I'm always posting about tops, dresses, and accessories that I'm loving but I always forget the most basic piece of all my great looks. I get so many comments on my great denim picks and on today’s blog I'm finally sharing all my favorites from Old Navy, and just in time because they have a Huge 50% off Sale happening this weekend! Now I know some of you may be thinking, maybe I'm a little biased since I work at Old Navy, but I truly love our denim, especially the Rockstar. If you don't believe me try some on for yourself and I promise you will fall in love!

Rockstar Light Wash Distressed: My new favorite light wash denim that even my employees didn't know existed until I had them on!

Rockstar Dark Wash Distressed: My go to dark wash, it adds the perfect edge to any look!

Rockstar Ankle Distressed Black: The #1 Denim pick across the board. Every girl in my store has them, my friends love them, and I've seen them on many of my fellow fashion bloggers as well. If you don't have this pair yet, you need it asap!
Another black distressed I'm loving, our new High Rise Rockstar!

Rockstar Ankle Distressed White: When it comes to white denim I can't just have a solid pair, I feel that you need some distressing to break up all that white. This ankle length is perfect for summer and I just snagged myself a pair this week!

Power Straight High Rise: I was not a fan of our mid-rise power denim when it first rolled out, but now we are offering it in a new high rise option. The fit varies depending on the wash, which can get a little frustrating, but the light acid wash option I have pictured above fits true to size and is so on point with that "mom jean" look that's so on trend right now!

Rockstar 24/7 Built in Sculpt: I am not a fan of our Rockstar Built in Sculpt because you always have to go up a size and even then it feels very constricting. I was also not a fan of our previous 24/7 style we featured last year. It felt more like a low rise then the mid rise it was advertised as. When I saw that they combined the two features this season I was a little skeptical, but it is hand's down one of the best fits and the denim feel is super soft and stretch, plus your booty will look amazing with the extra sculpt!

I love when I can share great finds with you from one of my favorite places to shop and work. Admittedly, only 25%-50% of my wardrobe is Old Navy, but when it comes to my denim choice, 99% of my favorite pairs are from Old Navy. The price point is perfect too. Ever since JR, my weight has increased and now I'm working on getting my pre-baby weight back and as my size fluctuates it's nice not to worry about breaking the bank. I hope you loved all my denim favorites and have fun shopping all the cool styles this weekend!

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