Wednesday, February 6, 2019

JR's First Birthday Bash!

Rugby Tee (Old Navy)

We all know that I love fashion, duh fashion blogger over here, but did you know I also love to throw a good party? I love entertaining and getting people together to share some laughs and a good time. I think I get it from my mom. She’s always been an amazing party planner with unique ideas to really make a party something special. One year for my 13th Birthday, I had a big sleepover with all my grade school friends and she actually orchestrated a massive scavenger hunt for me and my friends that involved all our neighbors. We split up in teams and went door to door to see if they had the items on our lists. I mean talk about thinking outside of the box!! Of course I had to take a page out of her book for JR’s first birthday, I couldn’t possibly let my babies first birthday pass us by without having an amazing party myself and today on the blog I’m sharing all the party details! Thank you as always for allowing me to take a break from my usual fashion content to share some of my #momlife with you.

First things first, every good party needs a theme and I’m the queen of picking out impossible themes for this kid thus far. For his bedroom I wanted to do a Ford Mustang room because daddy loves his Mustangs, and here I am thinking a car room would be so easy, wrong! It was easy to find Disney’s Cars decor but just regular car decor not happening. For JR’s first birthday I decided to do the same theme completely disregarding how difficult his bedroom was and thinking party decorations would be easy. I found that I was wrong again and to make a really magical birthday mama was going to have to get creative. Where do you go to get those creative juices flowing? Pintrest, duh! There was so many car birthday theme ideas all I had to do was cater it to my specific them and get out the scissors and glue stick.

Party Supply Idea's
>I found a ton of basic car themed and checkered flag decorations at the Oriental Trading Company
>All the Chinese lanterns and serving where were purchased at Party City
>I even got creative with some of the little details by purchasing car themed scrap-booking materials at craft supply store like Michael's
>All the mustang logos were printed from off the internet

Food Ideas
Most of the finger food ideas I found on Pintrest. As for the main course we had a party of about 20-30 people so I needed to pick something easy to feed the masses and since we could not grill we made a crockpot recipe of pulled pork!

Gift Ideas
I think shopping for a one year old is so hard. My goddaughter, who is three now, is always a challenge. Now as a mother it's a little bit easier for your own kid but for anyone who needs some good one year old gift inspiration here is a list of our favs.

At the end of the day, it was a great first birthday for my little man and I got so many compliments from all my friends and family on the decor. It honestly did not take that long to make a lot of the items all you need is a little creativity and I hope mine inspires you if you ever find yourself planning a kids birthday in the future!

Mom's Ruffle Tee (Old Navy) JR's Mustang Onesie (Amazon) Daddy's Ford Tee (Amazon)

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