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On today's blog I’m going to take a minute to switch gears from fashion to talk about something that is a little taboo but, I've found over the past couple of weeks has become quite the conversation starter. I'm talking about consuming or encapsulating your placenta post baby and the added benefits it brings to your postpartum recovery.

It all started two weeks ago when one of my good blogger friends Samantha (@samantha_show) started a discussion on her insta-story about encapsulated or consuming your placenta and what did it all entail? She asked her followers if they had any experience with this holistic remedy and I had to share because I made the decision to encapsulate my placenta to help with my postpartum recovery. Fast forward to the weekend at a blogger brunch and I found the topic came up again out of the blue and there I was sharing my story over mimosas and quiche. Since there has been so much discussion on this topic I thought I'd  take a postpartum break o…

Local Adventures!

Since emerging from my maternity leave two months ago I have begun to get back to my blogger life. I was posting here and there, but took a little hiatus while pregnant. Now my little man is here and I'm finding more time for mommy. I've been going to a lot of local blogger events and interacting with so many small business. The only problem as a new mom I'm trying overcome the obstacle of actually sitting down and writing blogs. I have trouble finding the time  to let you know all about these amazing small businesses I have been seeing. Therefore in today’s blog I wanted to take the time and recap some of the people and small businesses I have encountered on all the blogger events over the past couple of months.

SisKiss: A local accessory business, ran by two sister Megan and Marla. I was fortunate enough to meet Megan at one of my blogger brunches and she is so much fun and has a great sense of style that is transparent in some of the amazing accessory pieces SisKiss has…

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