Friday, March 9, 2018

Dressing the Third Trimester!

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little MIA on my blog over the past couple of months. Reasons being, I hit the third trimester of my pregnancy and it was the holiday season and I work retail, so needless to say I’ve been busy and very very tired. Now my little one is here and I’ve found some time to get back to blogging! I learned so much during my pregnancy and after becoming a new mom and what to expect. With this knowledge comes a new outlook on my fashion choices. Since I bring all my fashion knowledge and know how, to Styled by Stacy, I wanted share some of my learning.
In today’s blog I’m going to be talking about maternity wardrobe. In the beginning of my pregnancy I blogged about how I remixed my current wardrobe and what pieces I added all in the attempts to stay fabulous while pregnant. With this blog I want to get real. Dressing the bump was fun and exciting in the beginning, then you hit the third trimester. For me nothing fit, my maternity pants were getting too tight, my undergarments were getting smaller, and all my flowy tops I wore in the beginning of my pregnancy where now fitted and tight around my boobs and my bump. Getting dressed every morning was a chore. For a fashionista who loves to style and put outfits together, I suddenly found myself hating getting dressed in the morning. While trying to stay positive and fashion forward I stuck to 5 key pieces which helped me get through those last few weeks of pregnancy feeling comfortable and fashionable. For all my soon to be mama’s out there I had to share because sooner or later you will be in the third trimester boat. If you stock up on these key pieces now you’ll be fashionably equipped to take on the last weeks of pregnancy in style.

1. Jackets, Cardis, and Kimonos
These items helped me out in the beginning of my pregnancy and they stayed with me till the end. By the time the last trimester hit the only thing that still fit were my basic tee’s and tanks and the easiest way to dress up a basic is with a fun cardi or edgy jacket. The best part about these key pieces are you probably already have it in your wardrobe. I was pregnant during the winter months so finding cozy cardigans was easy and during the holiday season I was able to buy a lot on sale so I didn’t break the bank either!
2. Leggings
As I stated above, a couple weeks into my third trimester I found that my maternity pants were getting too tight. That belly band can only stretch so much and I became uncomfortable. The last month of my pregnancy I gave up on wearing pants all together and strictly wore leggings. I know there are a lot of comfortable affordable maternity leggings out there but the basic cotton active leggings at Old Navy fit perfectly and I owned some already. I just stuck with those and bought a few one size up just in case. The larger sizes also helped postpartum when I still had some swelling and baby weight. But I do wish I stocked up on some fashionable maternity leggings, like a leather pair I found on but decided against it because I thought my jeans would be enough. Invest on some basic comfortable leggings and don't be afraid to splurge on some more trendier ones, trust me. Four weeks doesn’t seem that long but for a fashionista stuck with the same black leggings day in and day out it did get a little repetitive and I craved some pizzazz in my wardrobe.   

3. Dresses and Tunic
Since most of my pregnancy was during the winter months I didn’t think to stock up on dresses, but I quickly realized that I needed to invest in some fall/winter dresses asap. They just made dressing in the morning so much easier and comfortable. I am very small chested normally so a lot of dresses I already owned did not fit unfortunately but I was able to find some inexpensive ones at Target and Old Navy.
Tunics made dressing easy as well. A lot of the tunics I already owned fit over the bump perfectly and some I had to buy a size up. The best part about both dresses and tunics, they pair perfectly with leggings and a pair of cute booties for the winter season!

4. Built-In Tanks
With my ever growing bump I developed a sharp pain right under my right breast. My OB said this was normal it was just all the stretching and moving around of my organs that caused this and the cute little foot from my little boy that liked to rest right there as well. This made wearing bras with underwires uncomfortable, even some of the bra’s I purchased with no underwire where to tight. In an attempt to maintain modesty I decided to try some tanks with the built-in bra. I found some great nursing ones at Target in tons of different colors perfect to wear under dresses and sweaters, and I found them to be just tight enough for support but not too tight that they made me uncomfortable like my bras. Definitely worth a try if your like me and need some more breathing room, plus the tanks are a lifesaver when breastfeeding. I’ve been wearing mine everyday since I’ve been home from the hospital.

5. Accessories

This is the easiest and inexpensive way to update your look pregnant or not. I love a good accessory, from a statement necklace to a trendy hat, and don’t even get me started on shoes! Toward the end of my pregnancy I was rotating out 6-8 dresses and tunics when dressing for the day but I would change up what accessories I wore to refresh my look. I have quite the jewelry and shoe collection so this was easy for me. If your not like me and lack some fun accessories check out Target. I love their clearance section, I usually find some great pieces there. I also love to look for inexpensive accessories at Forever21 and H&M.

As a soon to be mama you might find other pieces that work for you but these five kept me fashionable and comfortable during the last days of my pregnancy. I don’t care if you are into fashion or not during those last couple of weeks, comfort is the name of the game. Fashionista Stacy went out the window, but now that I’m hitting 4 weeks postpartum I am ready to get back in action! So stay tuned for updates on what I’m loving and everything you’ll need postpartum to stay fabulous!!   

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