Saturday, October 7, 2017

Shopping Maternity!

When dressing maternity there are many challenges you face. One of the many challenges I discovered was where to shop and not only that but, where to buy maternity for a good price. Places like Destination Maternity that cater to the pregnant women are so pricey it’s crazy. Why would I spend a $180 on a dress that's only good for 9 months, if that, and it's not even designer!? As a fashionista I have my go to places to shop and when you go maternity those places no longer accommodate your changing body. Realizing I may not be the only one suffering from maternity dressing, I decided to share some of the places I found to shop maternity in hopes that it will give you a good start when you find yourself in the market for maternity.

The Old Favorites: Asos Maternity, and H&M Maternity.
Good news, not all your favorite place to shop are off limits, two of my favorite trendy retailers offer maternity. It’s nice to be able to shop at a retailer you love and not have to worry about fit because you are familiar with their sizing and the way their close drape on the body.
Asos Maternity can be a little pricy but if you go to their sale section you can find some really cute maternity steals to help you stay trendy while pregnant.
H&M has really great basics and some fashion pieces that stay within the H&M price range, not charging more for a top just because it’s maternity.

Valued Retailers: Old Navy Maternity and Motherhood Maternity
Old Navy is one of my favorite places to shop when on a budget and maternity is no different. They still offer some great pieces at an awesome price which is the Old Navy way. Plus I’m obsessed with their Rockstar Jeans and I have three pair of them in maternity and they're literally perfect and I got them for 50% off during one of their denim promotions!   
Fun Fact I didn’t know Motherhood Maternity is the lower end version of Destination Maternity. They’re owned by the same company but Motherhood offers some of the same styles you would find at Destination but for a better price. I bought some nursing bra’s their and instead of paying $50 like at Destination I paid only $25 and I found a second one on sale for $14. They also had some really good basics and denim to get your maternity wardrobe started.

Specialty: Pink Blush Maternity
When searching maternity retailers on the internet I came across Pink Blush is a maternity wear line that offers the fashionable pieces that I’ve been looking for, at a more reasonable price. This is the perfect place to shop for an amazing baby shower dress that will make you feel beautiful for your special celebration, I already have three saved in my shopping cart!

Places to Pass: Target and Amazon
Two of my all time favorite places to shop left me unsatisfied when it came to maternity. Target always has fun trendy pieces for everyone but their maternity section is lack luster. They have a designer maternity line that they carry but it just doesn't “WOW” me like the rest of their fashions. I had better luck buying non- maternity and just going up a size.
As for Amazon, it could be the way I am searching/filtering. It was really hard to shop maternity and find what I was looking for when usually it’s so easy, plus with Amazon, I find that a lot of times their fit’s are always off and when you shop maternity you just want something to work you don’t want to play the size guessing game.

I hope this list of retailers helps you when you begin shopping for your maternity wardrobe and if you have any other great retail finds please leave a message in the comment’s below, us pregnant ladies have to stick together when it comes to look fabulous when pregnant.   

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  1. I LOVE this top! So versatile; really able to be styled in many different ways.