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How to: Styling Fun and Funky Leggings!

For those of you following along on my “Fashion Show Diaries”, you will remember my styling session with Danielle. She is a stay at home mom who dresses for comfort and playing with her kids. While I met with her for the Professional Wear Fashion Show, I am hosting at the end of this month, she pointed out she lives in her leggings. She has everything from basic leggings like black and army green to funky, patterned ones with a mixture of color. She even has yellow ones with red and blue balloons on them! She informed me these fun leggings were something she wore everyday and asked me how I would style some of them for outside the house. Most days Danielle pairs these leggings with a basic tee. When talking to her she wanted to know what she could add to the look to make it more stylish. For instance if she was to go run an errand or have a day out with the kids she wanted ideas to look more presentable.

Leaving Danielle after her styling session I had an awesome idea for a blog. I asked myself, could I style some of these colorfully patterned leggings? Like I always say, a true stylist can style anything. I took the challenge Danielle presented, I knew I had to use these fun leggings and create fashionable everyday outfits to hopefully inspire other women like Danielle to style these whimsical leggings!

Before I could even start on my challenge, I had to get my hands on some of those leggings. Imagine my surprise when I received a message via Instagram from a woman named Courtney. She actually sold these leggings and was wondering if I wanted to collaborate with her. I quickly took Courtney up on her offer and explained to her my idea of styling these leggings. I told Courtney, I need two to three pairs of leggings with patterns on them, I did have the disclaimer of nothing too wild. I mean I’m a good stylist, but not that good! Courtney sent me three options. The first pair were a maroon leggings with a subtle monochromatic pattern. The second pair were floral pattern leggings, perfect for spring.The final pair were geometric, green and teal pattern leggings with tiny insects all over them. These leggings were perfect. As soon as the leggings arrived, I was anxious to start styling them.

Below are some of the looks I’ve created using these leggings. I also included where I shopped to get the look. I hope you feel inspired and if you're interested in a pair of your own leggings to style message me for details!

Photos by Ashley Shaw

Shop my look and get inspired to style your own leggings!

The Maroon Leggings

The Floral Leggings

Green Geometric Print


  1. Wow! Those pattern leggings are so pretty. I am in love with your style. You carry out these leggings so well. I think I must start working out to fit in such leggings. You have given me a reason to lose weight now. Thanks a lot, keep posting more styles.


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