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Fashion Show Diaries: Three Down, Five to go!

Photo Credit: Ashley Shaw

I had two more styling sessions a couple weeks ago and now the challenge has begun. I met with two of of the eight models this week. Amanda is a 19 yr old undergrad and like most undergrads her closet is very limited. Exactly what I expected when visiting a student. My second model was Danielle a stay at home mom who dresses for comfort while being at home and running around with her kids all day. She had plenty of casual clothing, but very few professional pieces. Both women presented a styling challenge, but a true stylist can make something beautiful with limited resources and I was able to choose outfits for each scene
When styling Amanda, I asked what she wore to formals or if she had any internship outfits she wore. She was able to pull out a few pieces I knew would work for each scene in the show. Her Business Formal look, I would say, was a mixture of formal and casual. She had a simple black pencil skirt, but instead of a white blouse I paired a cobalt blue blouse. Now here is where business formal gets a little tricky. If you added a unique statement piece and killer heels,  you can step into any NYC fashion magazine job and be considered business formal. Although, if you were a lawyer wearing the same outfit and heading into the office this might be considered casual. This look is a perfect example of how fashion is always changing. There are certain fashion choices that are good for some places of work and others that are not. Next we looked at options for Special Event wear. Like a true undergrad, Amanda had plenty of casual event options. We decided on a mint green, shift dress with long peek-a-boo sleeves with a nice sandal wedge. This outfit would be perfect for any bridal shower for a sister. Lastly, Amanda brought out an amazing black dress with lace and cutout details, I could not have asked for a better dress for my “What Not To Wear” scene. The hard part about the “What Not To Wear” scene is explaining it to the model why the outfit would be considered “What Not To Wear.” The dress was amazing and I’m sure she looks amazing in it, I mean that's something I’d wear as an undergrad for sure, but it's not professional attire. It’s perfect for a ladies night or a bachelorette party, not for a professional cocktail event. I explained when she is older and eventually gets married there will be work events for both her and her husband. I wanted to make sure I explained the difference between this dress and professional cocktail attire. I would say for a work cocktail event to make sure you are covered and the hemline is at least down to your knee.

After meeting with Amanda and finding some success I was on to my next styling session with Danielle. As I stated before Danielle has a wardrobe built around comfort. She also purged her closet a couple of days before our session so the pickings were slim. She had many dresses that were very simple and easy outfits for any scene. We found a nice floral dress that would be perfect for both business casual or special event wear. She had a nice lace, black dress she wore to her husband's work events she pairs with nude heels. Lastly, she had leggings, the anti- professional piece. In professional and casual fashion leggings have emerged as a substitute for pants. For a stay at home mom who runs around with her kids all day I completely understand the ease of leggings, but for professional wear they are a hard NO. Even in casual wear there is a right way and a wrong way to wear leggings. Danielle even asked for advice on styling her leggings better. For those of you who follow my blog you know my husband (#whatsjaywearing) and he has one fashion rule when it comes to leggings and I have to agree, the butt needs to be covered! Long tunics and sweaters are ideal with a great pendant necklace and booties to complete the outfit. I even created an outfit for Danielle that could definitely be worn to work on a casual friday or just simply running errands during the day. It was a great experience getting to assist Danielle with her limited wardrobe.

Both women I styled had some styling challenges, although I was successful in picking out outfits for each scene. Stay tuned to hear more of my Fashion Show Diaries all week long leading up to the big show this Saturday!

xo, Anastasia


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