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Fashion Show Diaries: Meeting the Models!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been meeting with models and styling their closets to fit the needs of the show. In my last post I discussed the challenges that each model might present, but I love a good challenge so let the styling begin!

My first model was Liz, a 20 something year old, alumna of the sorority and is currently working as a social worker. For my first client, Liz was super easy. Her wardrobe was stocked with many different pieces to choose from. With each model I decided to style outfits for each scene and after I meet with each one I will narrow each model down to two scenes so their is time for a quick change in between scenes.

Being a social worker, Liz had so many business casual options to choose from. We decided on a bold striped pencil skirt with a white blouse and a pink cardigan for a pop of color. We also added one of my favorite accessories, a statement necklace, to bring the look together. When it came to business formal that was a little bit trickier. Growing up, my mom worked for workers comp and one of her main jobs were to help work injured people find another job. She helped with the resume down to proper dressing, when it comes to business formal she has two options for women. First, if you want to wear pants you have to have the suite jacket to match it otherwise your second option is a simple pencil skirt with a clean basic blouse, and ALWAYS wear tights! It creates a more modest a put together look. Full disclosure, I don’t own a business formal look so I knew going into this it might be hard to style. When I asked what Liz wore to interview she pulled out a gray pencil skirt, a nice white, shell top, and a black suit jacket. Some might consider this not business formal, but with young professionals entering the workforce I find this to be the new business formal. The look does its job by creating a clean professional look perfect for any interview. It might be a subtle twist on the old business formal and I think it's a great example.
Lastly, we did Special Event dressing. Liz just bought a beautiful periwinkle, three-quarter length sleeve, lace dress, a perfect outfit for a cocktail event. We added a bold statement necklace and her Special Event outfit was done! It was such a pleasure dressing Liz and for someone right out of college she is doing a great job building her wardrobe with great pieces. My only hope is that every client is this easy!

I have two more women to meet with this week so I’ll keep you posted on my visits! I can’t wait to see what else is in store as I continue to meet with each sorority woman.

xo, Anastasia

Here are Liz's picks, from the styling session


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