Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fashion Show Diaries: Logistics

photos by: Ashley Shaw

The show is a couple days away and I’ve switched gears from styling to the show’s logistics. I have the models and the outfits. Now it's time for music, staging, lighting, and rehearsal.

For this particular show staging and lighting are not something I need to be worried about because the venue has a stage for us to use. If you find yourself planning a show for a group like me or a local boutique it's important to think about the logistical side of the show and how everything will be set to create the right atmosphere.

When doing a show for a boutique I usually utilize their retail space to create a non-traditional runway. As for lighting you can always stick to the natural lighting in the venue. I’ll be using the natural light for the show on Saturday. You can also go dark with spot lights for a more dramatic feel. Sometime this can be a little more pricey to rent the lighting. If a space has good lighting it's better to utilize the lighting already in the space. Whatever you choose for staging or lighting just make sure to map it out in advance and walk through your plan with your client so you are both on the same page.

The next logistical detail to consider is music. Music sets the tone and energy of the show. If your show is full of trendy looks you might want to incorporate upbeat, hit music. If the feel is more romantic or edgy you want to choose music that reflects the specific theme or tone. For me the music is always a little challenging. There is so much to choose from it's hard to narrow down your choices. Definitely take the time to listen to a lot of different music. You want to create the right feel for your show. For the show on Saturday I chose a mixture of today’s hit music such as Katy Perry’s new hit single “Chained to the Rhythm” to an older hit single called “American Boy” by Estelle Ft. Kanya. Whatever music you choose, know it will help set the tone and pace of the entire show.

Once you have everything styled and staged its time for the run through. The run through, or rehearsal, is important. It’s your chance to see the flow of the show before the actual day. I have had two or three rehearsals leading up to a show and sometimes one rehearsal the day before the show. For the show on Saturday my rehearsal is unfortunately on the day of the show two hours before the event. This isn’t ideal but, it's the only time we could get into the venue pre show time. Every show has its challenges, you just have to be adaptable and a good problem solver so you can put on a show to remember!
I hope you enjoyed my Fashion Show Diaries, stay tuned later this week too, I’ll be sharing advice on what to wear and where to buy professional wear attire similar to the the show items that will be featured in the show this weekend!

xo, Anastasia

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