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Fashion Show Diaries: Stylist Challenge

After talking to both Ali and Ann and discovering the theme of the fashion show my next question was about the fashion of the show. In the past when doing a show like this I’ve had retailers loan me merchandise to feature in the show. With this show it won’t be that easy. Ali and Ann informed me that I will be visiting the eight women, made up of both alumnae and undergraduates,  who have agreed to be models in the show. I will be styling outfits using their own clothes from their closets.
I style outfits all the time from my closet so it should be easy right? You couldn't be more wrong. I immerse myself in fashion so my wardrobe for the most part has what I need for any event or outing that should occur in my life. When I was an undergrad working part time as a waitress to pay for my books and bills, my closet and wardrobe were sparse. Don’t get me wrong I had a good wardrobe, I mean I was a fashion student, but it wasn't as carefully curated or as big as it now that I’m almost 30, working a fulltime job. Getting this piece of information from Ali and Ann, my head immediately went to the challenge of using an undergraduate’s closet. The only professional wear I owned as an undergrad was a white button up and a black pencil skirt that I wore to internship interviews. I can only imagine what's in store for me when visiting the undergraduate models and their closets.
Wish me luck as I dive into eight closets to style outfits for the show!  

xo, Anastasia

During this discussion we also discussed many of the items on my list, including:
Venue: Astrodome in Parma
Music: TBD, they are not sure if the venue has a sound system or if the sorority has to bring their own equipment. Also any thoughts on a good playlist for a fashion show?
Hair/Make-up: In past shows that I’ve done I’ve had people volunteer to do hair and makeup. The best places to ask are beauty schools. Many students are willing to volunteer and practice various updos and makeup styles in order to add to their portfolio. In the case of this fashion show the ladies have decided to have each girl do their own hair and makeup. If you encounter a client that wants this make sure to inform the models to keep the hair and makeup simple and natural so it doesn't distract from the fashion.
Run through: It’s good to do a run through of the show before the actual show so that models can get more comfortable with walking. Usually I like to do it the night before but the venue will only allow us into the space the day of the event so I requested a 9am runthrough before the show at 11.

Here is my take on Special Event- Casual Look: This dress from American Eagle is perfect for a Bridal or Baby Shower. The color block is on trend and the pink with navy is the perfect spring/summer pallet for any event!


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