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Challenging Fashion!

Recently, I read an article on the proper way to pair your booties with socks. In the article they discuss the fashion faux pas of showing your socks when wearing booties. They suggest you wear a no show sock or a dark ankle sock that won’t show. After reading this article I felt challenged. Why is it that showing off fun patterned socks is ok in menswear but for women we must hide our fun socks? Speaking for all my ladies in cold weather climates, sometimes weather permits us to cover up our delicate ankles and I for one will not hide my socks during the cold weather months.

I have decided to challenge this article from a popular women's magazine and wear my fun socks high and proud and I found their are women out there just like me. What’s that old saying? “Anything boys can do, girls can do better!” I’m showing off my socks with my ankle booties and you should too. We will take this trend from our men and style it better! Who’s with me?!

(Shout Out to my friends Ashley and Courtney for sharing their socks off for this blog!)


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