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Styled by Stacy CLE Shopping Guide: Blackbird Fly Boutique!

6. Blackbird Fly Boutique

As a native Clevelander, the West Side Market is a destination I frequent on the weekends but little did I know just a few street away on West 28th Street is an amazing boutique called Blackbird Fly. I first discovered this boutique on Instagram and fell in love with some of their pieces they featured. When I had the opportunity to meet with Angelina Pata, owner, for my December blog I discovered there was so much more to this boutique that would make any fashion blogger, such as myself, swoon for the exclusive labels and goods she carries.

Blackbird Fly opened their doors two years ago in September 2014, what began as a jewelry line in a basement art studio has grown to a contemporary boutique with a creatively curated selection of apparel, footwear, accessories (including Angelina’s jewelry line, Linger Designs) and gifts for men, women and children. What sets this boutique apart from others in NE Ohio is some of the exclusive labels Angelina carries. These exclusive goods and many more are what she shared with me on my visit to her boutique that would make perfect gift for this holiday season.

Santacana gloves made in Spain
These super soft, uniquely designed gloves would make a perfect stocking stuffer for any girl on your holiday shopping list. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of gloves especially during the Cleveland winters.

Gifts for the Whole Family
When shopping at Blackbird Fly you will find gifts for everyone on your Holiday Shopping List.They offer organically made baby clothes, masculine accessories and clothing for men, and amazing pieces and footwear for women sourced from Australian and Portuguese designers that are hard to find in the US. There is so much to explore while in the boutique and you're sure to find a gift that's perfect for anyone!  

Jewelry and other Handcrafted Goods
What I found really unique about Blackbird Fly was all the handcrafted goods. From Angelina's jewelry line “Linger” to the handcrafted wine racks. Every piece in the store has that little something extra even the fixtures in the boutique are handcrafted by Angelina’s husband. To know so much work and love has been put into Blackbird Fly, you really feel like you are at home in this trendy, contemporary boutique.

Angelina's husband not only crafted these awsome wine racks he also created all the display racks in the boutique!

Next time you find yourself at the West Side Market or just visiting Ohio City, be sure to check out Blackbird Fly Boutique. It’s open 6 days a week Tuesday thru Sunday at 1983 W.28th St.,Cleveland and can also be found online at and on Instagram @blackbirdflyboutique.

About the Owner
Five years ago Angelina was toying around with the idea of Entrepreneurship. She had recently went back to school and taken some art classes at Cleveland Institute of Art. Soon after her husband had built her an Art Studio in their basement where Angelina could  hone in her metalsmithing and jewelry skills. One day her husband came down into the studio and saw some pieces she had recently completed and was so blown away by them that he immediately suggested she sell them. That was the first time Angelina realized that her dream of Entrepreneurship was taking shape.

She considered many options when deciding to market her jewelry, she could sell to other local boutiques in which they would take a cut, she could open an independent and jewelry store, or she could complement her great jewelry with other amazing pieces and open her own Boutique. Thus began the planning for Blackbird Fly boutique. First she had to choose a location, when choosing a location Angelina considered 5 locations for the boutique , Hudson, Chagrin Falls, Tremont, Lakewood and Ohio City. She spent a Friday at each location watching traffic patterns and as well as foot traffic. Nothing came even remotely close to Ohio city. The historical West Side Market alone attracts 10,000 visitors every Saturday, that was triple anything she had seen at any of the other locations.
After choosing her location she contacted Ohio City Incorporated which is the Community Development Corporation responsible for preserving promoting and developing the Ohio city neighborhood. They completely assisted her step by step in finding a location and she open her doors in September of 2014. From the beginning she wanted to make sure she had a good mix of foreign-produced labels as well as those designed and produced within the US and she think she’s maintained that. The boutique is also made a name for itself and carrying labels and designers that are either hard to find or can’t be found at all in Northeast Ohio. Angelina sums it up by saying “It is a contemporary Boutique with a creatively curated selection of apparel, footwear, accessories(including my own jewelry line, Linger Designs) and gifts for men, women and children. Our eclectic selection really sets us apart and I think helps women define their own unique individuality.”


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