Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I have studied fashion in New York, been to trade shows, fashion shows, and even interned in Seventeen Magazine’s fashion closet. But no matter how fashion forward I am I can’t help who I fell in love with. His fashion sense is... eclectic, to put it nicely.

My husband Jay is an engineer who grew up with very little and saves money like it’s nobody’s business.  He finds it very hard to understand his wives obsession with fashion and buying expensive Christian Louboutin shoes or buying new pieces every season to add to her ever growing wardrobe. He’s a simple guy who owns jeans, cargo shorts, polos (for work), and of course my favorite items, millions of graphic tee’s. Some are humorous, some are from college, and some advertise cars or alcohol. No matter what kind of mood my husband finds himself in, he has a graphic tee for that! Try as I might I will never effect my husband’s “sense of style” the only time I get a say on his wardrobe is for weddings, funerals, formal events, and most holidays.

My husband and I are high school sweethearts and I have dealt with his “fashion sense” for over 13 years and I have found many of our friends and family find it comical how a fashion forward girl like myself has fallen in love with a fashionably challenged husband. I have decided to create an ongoing blog that highlights the many outfits of Jay.

I would like to take this time to note that some graphic tees my husband wears can be offensive. I apologize in advance for the quirkiness of my husband.