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Client Challange: Ten Day Euro Vacation in One Carry On Suitcase.

Its summer time and many people, including myself, take this time to escape on a vacation. The hardest part about vacationing is the packing. If you’re a fashionista, like myself, it takes you a week leading up to your trip to fully pack. I start with my first pull of clothes that I think I might want to wear and then I slowly edit it down to a wardrobe that will actually fit into my suitcase. What makes the packing process such a challenge is trying to figure out what you will actually need to wear a week to two in advance.  No surprises to me when I had a potential client approach me about helping her pack for a European vacation. Having went to Europe last summer I was excited to help her pack and share my experiences with traveling to Europe. Then she threw me a curve ball and told me she wanted all of it to fit in one carry on suitcase. To which I thought, “ten day Europe vacation in one suitcase? Not possible!” When I went to Europe last summer for 10 days I had a carry on suitcase plus a giant suitcase I checked. Although the clients demand felt impossible, I’m always up for a challenge and even on my trip to Europe I did pack a lot of clothes I never wore. This could be do-able.

I started with basic pieces first, such as a pair of dark denim and a pair of black denim, a plain black shift dress, a black skirt, a simple black tank, a basic striped tee, a black cardigan, and a blouse or two. It’s easy to dress black up or down that’s why I gravitated towards it. Plus it’s the one constant color in everyone’s wardrobe along with white. After you have the basics it’s time to add the style and color. I added a colorful tank or two, a leopard print blouse, a fun tweed sweater, a blazer, and I can’t forget the one thing I always have to add pop to an outfit, fun, bold accessories! It totaled 13 items plus shoes and accessories. For footwear I’d keep it simple, black flats, black boots, and black pumps. If you’re more comfortable in tennis shoes than flats feel free to exchange a basic tennis shoe like a Converse or Keds. Also if you are going when the weather is warmer feel free to pack black sandals. 
Here is what I packed

Another thing that I did account for but my client didn’t need because her trip to Europe would have nice weather is a jacket. Depending on the time of year I would bring both a heavy jacket such as a peacoat and a lighter jacket such as a North Face or Columbia that has a good wicking material in case it rains, especially if you’re going to London during your Euro vacation. Just be mindful of the weather and the time of year of the place you’re vacationing to and a lot of these items can be interchangeable with longer sleeves or shorter sleeves or sweaters instead of tanks.
I’ve uploaded the wardrobe plus 10 different ways to wear it! Although I chose a wardrobe specific to my client please feel free to use my pick list as inspiration on how to build your own carry on wardrobe. But remember, try to keep most of the pieces basic with a few statement pieces. The basics paired with the more colorful statement pieces make it easier to mix and match and create an outfit. I would say the hardest part is narrowing down the best basic pieces to support multiple outfits. I started by getting one white and one black of every item, but then this became too much so then I just switched to mostly black with hints of white. Choosing key statement pieces was hard as well but I knew if I just went with a pop of color here or a pattern there I could use a much smaller item, like a fun necklace it would help to make my outfits pop. This way of thinking made it easier to narrow my clothes down, but keep a different look for each day.

I hope I’ve helped give you the inspiration you need in creating your vacation wardrobe fit for a carry on. If you need any helpful tips and tricks on packing for vacation please comment on my blog or message me on our Facebook page @
My 10 Looks for 10 Days in Europe!


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