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Happy Memorial Day!

Today I want to talk about my second favorite passion other than fashion.Hosting parties! It wasn’t until my husband bought me my first home when I realized I love to entertain. I love putting together events at our home and there’s nothing I love more than having a full house with happy people. I guess it’s all those years growing up in a big family.
My husband and I throw 3 events a year in our home. One is a game night for all my siblings around the holidays, the second is his fraternity’s Annual Alumni Clambake, and the third is our Annual Memorial Day Party. The Memorial Day one is our favorite of all the events because it falls around the same time as our wedding anniversary. Our Memorial Day Party is the perfect time to bring our family and friends together not only to have a cookout and have fun, but to remember and celebrate our armed services and the happiest day of our lives.
Parties are made up of five components food/beverages, decor, entertainment, people, and of course the perfect hostess outfit!
Food: Cookouts are easy and grilling is the perfect excuse to have my husband cook. A menu for a cookout is pretty basic. Burgers and hotdogs and various assortments of salads ranging from potato to pasta. The menu item which is always a hit and the easiest one to make is dessert! It’s my favorite part of any meal and I specialize in making trifles. A trifle is like a big parfait, easy to make and always really good. For the party I make my angel food cake one with strawberries and blueberries mixed in. It’s the perfect red, white, and blue dessert for Memorial Day.

Drink: I take a page out of Sandra Lee’s book and I always have a signature cocktail for an event.  This year I’m trying mimosa sangria with strawberries, blueberries and star shaped pineapples to give it that Americana feel. I will be serving it in an adorable drink dispenser I found at Big Lots for $15.

Décor:  I love to decorate! When looking for decoration ideas I immediately hopped on my Pintrest for inspiration. I found a cute and inexpensive idea for a centerpiece using old fashioned canning jars, a little blue food coloring, and fake flowers. Then I checked out the Target dollar section.  It was full of inexpensive red, white, and blue decorations I just couldn’t pass up. I found American flag lanterns, banners, and fans to brighten up my back yard for the holiday.
Entertainment: We always have country music playing in the background or our new favorite channel on Pandora is Summer Hits of the 90’s. Everyone can find an oldie that brings back memories on that channel. We also have various outdoor game’s set up around the yard like corn hole. The backyard games always get everyone’s competitive juices flowing and keep the kids active.

Hostess Outfit: What kind of fashionista would I be if I didn’t account for the perfect hostess outfit? When I’m cooking I tend to get a little messy. I always make sure wear my apron. I like to match my apron to the holiday. Matching the apron is a fun way to get it into the spirit or the holiday. This year I found a blue apron with white polka dots and a red and white striped tie at TJ Maxx for $9.99. It’s the perfect apron to help me look festive for the occasion. I paired it with a simple blue tube dress from Old Navy that I purchased last year on summer clearance for $9.99 and my Michael Kors wedges.

With the five key components of for any party I am set to have quite a bash. I hope you will be set too! Keep in mind, although Memorial Day was yesterday, you can take many of my ideas and use them for the 4th of July! Have blast partying!


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